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Two Southern Brooklyn Traffic Fatalities In First Three Days Of 2017

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In the first few days of 2017, one livery cab crash and one hit-and-run claimed the lives of two southern Brooklyn residents.

Abraham Shmailov, 56, was killed in the back seat of a livery cab when an Infinity smashed into the cab at Avenue P and West 2nd Street, at 3:15am on January 1, said cops.

Both drivers were taken to Lutheran Hospital in stable condition, but the backseat passenger incurred severe head and body trauma. Shmailov was rushed to Lutheran Hospital where he was pronounced dead.

Later that day, the driver of the Infinity, 24-year-old Peter Michael, was arrested and charged with vehicular manslaughter, criminally negligent homicide, and driving while intoxicated, police said.

Local residents told the New York Daily News that this corner is notorious for accidents.

Then, early Tuesday morning, police found the body of a Marine Park woman who had been struck twice — first in a hit-and-run — at Kings Highway and Nostrand Avenue.

Hermanda Booker, 29, was crossing Nostrand Avenue when she was struck by a white SUV that sped away after hitting her, according to an NYPD preliminary investigation.

Then, she was struck again by a school bus turning onto Nostrand Avenue from Kings Highway. The bus, however, stayed on the scene. Police found Booker in the roadway with trauma to her chest at 6:45am on January 3.

NYPD Collision Investigation Squad is working on this case, there are no arrests as of publication.

[Update 6:30pm: Police issued new information that the first driver did remain on the scene after the collision. There have been no arrests and the investigation remains ongoing.]

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  1. Nostrand & KH is one of the most dangerous corners in Brooklyn. I’ve always had to run across the street like a maniac to avoid getting hit. I’ve been narrowly missed a few times on that intersection before.

  2. The problem is aggressive and irresponsible driving.
    It could occur and does occur at any intersection.
    People in New York drive like maniacs and have no respect whatsoever for pedestrians.
    Especially younger drivers flying around in their high performance cars.

  3. The real problem is that people with an agenda who say stuff without really knowing ANY facts.. Was the person in the cross walk; if yes, did they have the light.. ect (respect and civility goes both ways.. pedestrians need to obey the traffic laws just like the vehicles.. you will find that much of the time the fault is shared by both parties but the pedestrian is the one that ends up in the hospital which is why, in the real world, they carry a larger burden to cross safely that any driver who carries the legal burden (I never saw a pedestrian run into traffic, get hit and get arrested for entering traffic illegally, they always look at the diver))
    Nobody should leave the scene of an accident but the fact that they left has no bearing on the facts of the actual collision. If anything, the attempt to criminalize every accident has become the prime motivator in the increase in “leaving the scene”

  4. I agree. It was always my right of way when I crossed (actual WALK signal) when assholes would speed down KH making the left on to Nostrand as I would cross.

  5. Yes, it can happen at any intersection. But in my many experiences, this happens to be one of the most dangerous and frightening ones.


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