Twenty Bones To Mark The Coney Concrete-Walk

Source: is reporting that the cost of the Coney Island boardwalk will be $15 million in federal stimulus funds. Well, we’re offering a chance to get some o’ that money back in your pocket.

Sheepshead Bites is offering a whopping $20.00 (that’s right, double-digits!) to the first person to carve “” into the wet concrete, photograph it, and send it to us. We urge you to protect your marking until the concrete is actually dry, so no pesky contractors come over and erase it.

And, by the way, we are not telling you to commit a crime. We’re just saying, if you’re foolish enough to go and vandalize a section of the boardwalk by carving something in it, you might as well write We do not support such actions, and really, really think you shouldn’t do it. The money we’re offering is not for the heinous crime you’re committing – it’s an award for exemplary balls-itude you’ve got. It’s for courage and valor.

So again – don’t vandalize the concrete walk. It’s wrong. But if you’re going to disregard our advice, we’ve got $20 to help pay for your legal fees.


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