Twelve-Story Condo Will Replace 150-Year-Old Church On 4th Avenue

The Church of the Redeemer formerly located at 24 4th Avenue, Photo via Property Shark by Kate Leonova (March 2007)

The Boerum Hill site where the Church of the Redeemer stood for 150 years will become a twelve-story condominium building, The Real Deal reported last week.

The church, formerly located at 24 Fourth Avenue (at Pacific Street), closed in 2010 after its owner, the Episcopal Diocese of Long Island, decided it was too pricey to make much needed repairs to the deteriorating structure. The Jackson Group purchased the church in 2014 for $20 million and tore it down in early 2016, according to Curbed.

24 4th Avenue, via Google Maps (November 2016)

The developer, Adam America Real Estate, recently closed on a deal for the site, purchasing it from the Jackson Group for $36 million, The Real Deal says.

Adam America plans to work with the architectural firm ODA New York to build an approximately 73,000-square-foot condominium on the site with 72-units spanning twelve floors. The development will include more than 6,000 square feet of commercial space as well as a 20-car parking garage, Curbed states.

Construction is slated to begin in early 2018.



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Pamela Wong

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  1. Oh, thrilling news. Another vacuous condo to blight the neighborhood. I can hardly wait. I am sure the new residents will enjoy being near the grimiest and grimmest subway in NYC.

  2. I remember when the Episcopal Diocese of Long Island claimed that they were intending to sell the property to a developer who would create space for retired clergy and possible some sort of mission activity. BS from the Diocese all the way through this process

  3. Most likely gonna be built with under trained,exploited, and illegal immigrants. The quality of the build will be garbage like the rest of the shabby condos on 4th Ave. build it with trained and local workers who spend money here and pay taxes. This will be built with company’s that pay cash, whose workers send there money home back to other country’s, support our economy, support real ny workers, support the building trades of NYC who will build it properly, and whom will invest in the neighborhood !!

  4. There’s so many homeless nykers sleeping on the streets​ every night the black & Latino families demand that real low-income​ affordable housing should be part of the Boerum Hill community. #nomorepoordoor

  5. Church attendance is plummeting across the US in almost all denominations; and as attendance drops, so do the collections. How do you pay for heating bills, repairs, etc. To make matters worse, the ethnics who were the pillars of Protestant and Catholic churches left the city in droves in the 60’s to the 80’s so lots of church buildings and schools became vacant. I site Our Lady of Loretto in Brooklyn, built by immigrants in the early 20th century, a beautiful structure with priceless interior art work and stain glass windows now an empty shell ready to be torn down. It is not the church authorities; it is us. We do not attend church anymore.

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