Toy Gun Causes Scare In Manhattan Beach Elementary School

(Photo via Google Maps)

A 6-year-old boy caused a stir in a Manhattan Beach elementary school Tuesday for bringing a toy gun to class, reports the NY Daily News.

Administrators were alerted about the toy P.S. 195 on Irwin Street near Shore Boulevard at about 10am on April 4, officials said.

They originally thought it was a bb gun, and school safety officers held the child for questioning until his parents arrived and they learned that the gun was a toy, said cops. The NYPD did not pursue the case from there.

Greg Floyd, president of the school safety agents union, told the Daily that a crime wave in NYC schools is a continuing threat. The city is expanding its use of “warning cards,” issued by school safety agents in lieu of a criminal court summons. The cards are given to students 16 and older found on school property committing disorderly conduct or possessing low amounts of marijuana.

Did any neighbors hear about this incident from their kids coming home from school yesterday? What do you think about school safety?

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