Top 5 Businesses We Wish Were Still Open

Funtime USA sheepshead bay
From the "I Still Have Fun Time USA Game Tokens" Facebook group - one of many Facebook groups established in memory of the institution

Nothing lasts forever except roaches and Twinkies. Sheepshead Bay, all cursed corners aside, has seen more than its fair share of businesses come and go. Some of them have been less than stellar, like the weird haircutting/mixtape/tattoo parlor that briefly operated on Nostrand Avenue. But beyond the hit-and-runs we’ve encountered, we’ve lost a lot of neighborhood staples, and others that could have easily grown into that status. Here are five that I really miss.

5. McCrory’s

Long before Morris Discount closed up shop on Sheepshead Bay Road, and dozens of 99 Cent stores infected Nostrand Avenue like the plague, there was McCrory’s. Today, Party City boasts deals on balloons and a bargain costume basement; but when I first moved to Sheepshead Bay, it was a good old five-and-dime. Part department store, part junk shop, McCrory’s was one of the last vestiges of old variety stores, and seemingly around the same time we lost the penny candy displays in Pathmark, too. Coincidence?

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4. Pizzeria Del Corso

It may have been a relatively new addition, but Del Corso’s pizza had truly great pizza. Their white slice was unrivaled if you ask me. The pizza, though amazing, was by no means the best option. They had homemade gnocchi and amazing eggplant appetizers. The quality of the cheese they used raised the bar on Italian food in Sheepshead Bay. We may have our fair share of places to choose from, but we lost a great option when Del Corso closed.

3. Beefsteak Charlie’s

Beefsteaks were 19th Century dinners where men would gorge on various cuts of meat, usually in support of a politician or whatnot. The Beefsteak Charlie’s chain was a place where, for a paltry sum, people could eat a bunch of ribs and endless sangria. That was until it was converted into the medical facility it houses now, trading in the all-you-can-eat fare for a prescription of much-needed Lipitor. It seems Sheepshead Bay was once a great venue for discount feasts, having also hosted The Sizzler and then For Goodness Steak, where Applebee’s now stands. Cheap meat, salad and corny decor for everyone!

2. Fun Time USA

Whether you were playing Gauntlet Legends or skee ball on the second floor, Laser Tag on the 3rd, or careening into each other in the bumper cars on the first floor, Fun Time USA always delivered. Sometimes it was packed with kids. Sometimes the floor underneath the batting cages were breaking because so many people came to get Sable’s autograph (personally, I preferred Kane’s). But Fun Time USA was probably the greatest thing to come and leave Sheepshead Bay, for regardless of how old you were, you could enjoy it. I mourn the loss of Laser Tag the most, but I spent more time, and still have a ridiculous amount of tickets to redeem. But all we can do now is store our memories alongside our ugly winter sweaters in the storage units that replaced it.

1. Pip’s Comedy Club

The comedic stomping grounds of Andrew Dice Clay, Richard Belzer and even a young Lisa Lampanelli,Β  this once iconic goldmine of talent is now another sushi bar. For a long time it was one of the only entertainment draws of the neighborhood. With its close, all we have left are “nightclubs” and the movie theater. It’s a shame that there’s not enough interest to keep the chuckles alive, but in its heyday Pips attracted greats like Rodney Dangerfield and Jerry Seinfeld. Today, Mambo Sushi attracts a slightly different crowd, but all seem to agree that, although it’s not much to chuckle at, there’s still plenty of rollin’ (half price?)! (Photo by Bobby Bank)

What about you? What former Sheepshead Bay businesses do you miss?

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  1. PHILIP’S.. Did they ever return to Stillwell Avenue as promised?
    Don,t know how to spell it but I loved the Charlotruse.

  2. The bowling alley across from Funtime USA was Rainbow Lanes. Shell Lanes is another bowling alley.

  3. It was Rainbow Lanes. Shell Lanes is still around(off Shell Road, on a small street between Ave X and Y)

  4. Everything is changing…some for the good but mostly for the worse. Sheepshead Bay is for sure for the WORSE! It’s a mere extension now of Brighton only catering to the Brighton-type people. Gone are the neighborhood feel-good places… exchanged for overly-priced restaurants that only pleasantly host one group of people. Sad.
    It’s all changing …

  5. I miss the shoe maker on East 22nd and the butcher that was on 22 and X – along with the bakery that was there.

  6. Ben’s on E18 Street and Ave U. It was a bowling alley with pool tables and a bar that served beers. Loved the hamburgers and fries. LOL. I actually used to play billiards. Oh, the things that went on. After that it was a Bingo hall for a while. Don’t know what’s there now.

  7. The shoe maker is always playing scratch off tickets in the area. LOL
    He might own some properties in that area he is there so long.

  8. There used to be a convenience store on Bedford and Shore. Next to it and down stairs was a pet store with salt and regular water tanks. Then they went to dog supplies and training. Now it’s a condo.
    I loved Tropical fish Supermarket that used to be on Nostrand off Avenue P.
    Ben owned it for 100 years and the Charlie took it over. The best part was you used to pick your own fish. They had nets in blue water on the side of the tank to use.
    They loved their customers.

  9. I used to love Pizzarini on Ocean Ave & X. They had the best pizza made with pita bread and the most unbelievable homemade salad dressing. Oh boy, its making my mouth water just talking about it

  10. Wiesens bakery and the bagel store under the train (where Dunkin is now) on Sheepshead Bay road.

  11. Agreed. My personal list includes: Bagels R Us(by the Sheepshead Bay subway station at the current Dunkin Donuts), Weisen’s bakery(SB road where the Chinese Supermarket is) , Connie’s Pizza and Baskin Robbins (at the Kings Bay shopping mall on Nostrand, next to Pathmark)

  12. Oh man, I miss Bagels R Us. Awesome old school bagels.

    What was the name of the billiards on East 14th Street btwn Sheepshead Bay Rd and Shore Pkwy? I played a lot of video games there as a kid. I wish it was still around so I could shoot pool without a long trip to Brighton or Kings Highway.

  13. The Dungaree Factory on Coney Island Ave and either Ave S or T.
    Elephant Bell days. Free alterations, next day pick up.

  14. The Dungaree Factory on Coney Island Ave and either Ave S or T.
    Elephant Bell days. Free alterations, next day pick up.

  15. i agree with this, i miss alot of these places, Mainly Funtime usa /sigh Laser Tag was GREAT! Pips comedy club is also Missed!

    Good times, Good times.

  16. I know it’s not Sheepshead Bay, but the place I miss the most is Dubrow’s Cafeteria on Kings Highway and East 16th St. I think it closed in 1978. Where else could you get the freshest, regularly cooked vegetables and the greatest old time Brooklyn atmosphere imaginable? At about 2 AM, they changed over for breakfast and the smell of pancakes and french toast was amazing. I can still taste their terrific fruit noodle pudding. If it were still around today, I think I’d be there for two meals a day. Then again, you can no longer find the quality of old time countermen and cooks that used to work there. I also enjoyed the Dubrow’s that was in the garment district, but the atmosphere wasn’t the same.

    There’s a blogspot here:


    Great photo (circa late 1970’s):

  17. O.o here’s a Random location but there was a Bowling alley right across from Fun Time USa, i think it was called like, Shell Lanes or something? that place was great too! the owners were awesome!

    and the games were not expensive!

  18. Anyone remember Manhattan Beach Kosher Deli on Sheepshead Bay Road not to far from Delmars? It always seemed misplaced.

    There also was a hardware store a few doors away and a meat market (Net Foods.)

  19. Leon’s Bakery, Lundy’s, Izzy & Nat Deli, Butter Bun Bakery, Jean’s Seafood Rest., The Deauville, All the Movie Theaters, Big Daddy’s, Mrs. Stall”s Kinishes (although not in the Bay) and so many more businesses that are no longer here!

  20. Fun Time not sorry to see it go. Drew the bad Good ridence

    Pizzeria Del Corso I guess the boss wanted to spin pizza’s more than be open for business Never open

  21. Kress/L.H. Martin; Jahn’s; Flamingo Hair Salon; the original Connie’s Pizza, the Radio Shack on Nostrand and Avenue X; Jerry’s Hardware and Variety Store; the used book store next to the bagel store on Nostrand near Avenue Y and the Marquis Room/Martin’s restaurant….

  22. It was there for some time. It was smaller than some of the other eateries, but I ate there. I liked it.

    Net Food was originally a Met Food but left that chain in the early 80s.

    The hardware store was “Joe & Bill’s”. Originally they were south of Voorhies.

  23. Johns Bargan Store East 21st & Ave U, Bartons on Ave U & East 17th, Andys shoemaker on East 17th & Ave U.
    Ebingers on Ave U also, the bootery I can go on & on plenty more.
    Mikes pork store on Ave U bet East 16th & 15th.
    I love thes memories

  24. I used to go there. Funny, I never knew the name of the place.

    Doesn’t seem to be anything there now.

    Maybe we could reopen it. I do remember that the bowling lanes were slightly warped/.

  25. I believe Wiesens bakery was accross the street from McDonalds. they had tables ion the side and those great rolls everything was a great bakery.

  26. No, it was on Coney Island and T. I know the place you’re thinking of, they had some interesting items.

    A few years ago they were doing some work on the building, and what was left of their facade came to light again.

    If you hit the older button on the top of the photo you will see a close up photo of the design over the door. It may bring back memories.

  27. Then there was G&G’s, which was where the Morris’ was later, and then Walgreen’s, which is now closed. They had low tables with the goods on it, and wooden floors.

    And let us not forget John’s Bargain Stores, at various locations (I remember one on Avenue U and East 21st Street) Great place to buy toys and games.

  28. Hebrew National – SBR (best deli around)
    Wernicks – 16th & SBR. (furniture on layaway)
    Sheepshead Movie Theater
    Pool Room nxt to the theater

  29. Wiesens had the best buns and the bagel store the best bagels.
    Unfortunately, not the cleanest but you put that out of your mind while eating :-).

  30. The song went “Where do all the junkies meet…Dubrows Dubrows”.
    To the tune of South Street

  31. The is amazing by the way there was the Ave U movie also and the Kingsway on coney island ave and Kings Highway lets keep this going lol

  32. Actually I loved going there too. They always played the Doors. It always struck me as funny that it was right across from a library.

  33. That is Voorhies and Sheepshead Bay Road s/e corner. It was on the corner originally, then it moved a couple of stores down.

    Look at the photo. Wheeler’s is on the right hand side.

  34. Speaking of fish, do you remember the Atlantis Aquarium on Avenue U and East 13th Street, and the Amazon Aquarium on Avenue Z and East 16th Street?

  35. Does anyone remember Villa Bay Pizzeria? It was on avenue Z and east 23rd I think, I remember them having a fantastic stuffed pizza slice.

    It was right next to that small comic book store, I don’t remember which one closed first but I guess one depended heavily on the other because as I recall they closed down within a similar time frame.

  36. YES!!!! I can’t believe I forgot about that. I was going there even before I was a resident of Sheepshead Bay!

  37. AH! That reminds me of when Jordan’s fish market was still open. My grandfather used to take all the grandkids with him to buy lobsters and fish there back in the early 90s… I used to be petrified of the giant tanks!

    You know, for the life of me, I can’t remember if the big yellow rain slicker wearing statue of the fisherman is still next to … Coldstone…. bleh

  38. City of Bargains FTW.

    Also — pretty sure it wasn’t Sheepshead Bay, and I’m not certain of the name. Does anyone remember “Consumers”? You’d walk in, order from a catalog and they’d have tiny pencils for the form…. and then a few days later you’d pick something up.

  39. A friend of mine lived around the corner, he said when Russo’s goes
    the neighborhood goes. He moved.

  40. No one mentioned Martins. Or how about Seniors? Yes Brooklyn had Seniors as well as a Juniors. I remember wondering if there also was a Freshmans or Sophomores.

  41. Jahn’s wasn’t where Chinar is? Man, I’ve been thinking that for years. I can’t place what used to be there before Chinar.

  42. MOE”S candy store Ave U & E26 st, Sandy’s toy store U & 27th, Big Shorty’s Pub Bedford & U, Bohacks supermarket Ave U & Nostrand, Roma Pizza U bet nostrand & Haring, Cannabis head shop near Mei Mei’s Nostrand bet V & W, Martin’s Nostrand & W, SENIORS Nostrand Ave, Ave U movie theater at E 16th st, Steershead Tavern U & 27th, M&M butcher Z & 27th, Hy Friedman U & Coyle, Peter Pan slot car track Nostrand & Quentin….this is depressing me!

  43. On Gravesend and East 22 St used to be a place called Trudy’s. It was diagonal from PS206. After Trudy it was owned by Nina and Rudy for a few years. They served school lunch specials, hot dog, fries and soda that was really inexpensive. The set up inside was a soda fountain style U shaped counter. This was 45 years ago. We need one of those places with egg creams, plain old malteds and ice cream sodas.

  44. Mei Mei’s. I loved that place. The owners were great. I used to bing them plants for the Mother.
    I worked in M & M meats one summer. Good Onion Boards.

  45. Chinese laundry on Gravesend off E18 Street. Washed, starched, pressed, folded, wrapped in brown paper and neatly tied bow knot.

  46. How about the Trump Cinema movie theater in the Trump Village Shopping Center?
    That was probably the smallest movie theater in US history. I think it sat about 250, but it was the coziest little place. It opened around 1968, and it’s first feature was “The Sound of Music” (only five years after it was released).

    As far as bakeries go, Wiesen’s was good, but the Trump Village Shopping Center had a nice little kosher place called Shluker’s, and across the street in the Warbasse Shopping Center was another excellent kosher bakery, Allenby’s. Today, you have to travel to Kings Highway, Ave. M, or Ave. J to find a kosher bakery. 30 years ago they were on every other block.

    Another great kosher deli was Lulu’s on Brighton Beach Ave. Like Dubrow’s Cafeteria it was closely run by the family that owned it, and the food was always great and the place was always spotlessly clean.

    Last, but certainly not least, it may have already been mentioned but just not enough.
    How I miss Richard Yee’s Chinese Restaurant. Let me count the ways. I used to dream of his special duck sauce (more like a guava jelly) before I even walked in. The waiters who had been there for decades always knew to bring me out a 2nd little bowl of the sauce. Even his large soup noodles were always better than the other restaurants.
    Sure, the place wasn’t cheap, but between his fried wonton soup, butterfly shrimp or chicken, and that never ending strong pot of tea, there was no place that could beat it.

  47. Originally it was the Flame with Car Hop service, then it expanded and became Burger Flame, Then it became Jahn’s (after the one on Nostrand & Z closed). Then came Chinar

  48. SENIORS…what I wouldn’t give to be back there having the Romanian steak ,with my family all together on a Saturday night.Good menories and their chicken soup has yet to be matched .

  49. And if you are going to mention these, what about the original Bay Pizza? That’s what I miss the most.

  50. Just because you can spin a pie, doesn’t mean you can cook a good pizza. Was able to stop in once while they were in business. His pizza was not so good, in my opinion….and i am a pizza maven!!

  51. Ave U theater on U and E16 where TD is now.
    Mayfair on Ave U and Coney, now McDonalds
    Kingsway on Kings Hiway and Coney, now Walgreens and Sleepy’s

  52. I miss the breakfast basket with all the mini rolls and pastries, Plus the famous Mushk steak for dinner.

  53. My sister and I went to school with the owners kids. We would go in with the family every weekend with fresh caught fish…..they would cook us a meal and keep the rest for themselves.

  54. What about the Firestone store that used to be next to the Sheepshead Theater? I got my first Lionel train set, Aurora slot cars, and all my plastic models there. Plus you could by bicycles and a whole lot of other stuff.

  55. Surprised no one mentioned Peter Pan Playland and the custard stand that was right out front…across the street from Stella Marris.

  56. Actually, it was called Ocean Recreation, and the last owner named it after his wife…Connie’s Ocean recreation. 12 lanes, 12 pool tables, and the old fashioned soda counter. Yep, I miss those burgers.

  57. Anyone remember Bigfoot Cards (or Collectibles or Bigfoot something?) on Ave U and Homecrest? The owner was a really nice guy.

  58. I think it was Alan and Suzi’s (not sure about spelling). Loved that place when I was in high school, it had the most random vintage clothes and sequined stuff. Girl that sold shoes in the back later opened a shoe store that was also pretty decent. That was a brief moment when Sheepshead Bay Road seemed kinda hip. And don’t get me started on McCrory’s. LOVED that place and still miss it.

  59. Across the street used to be the sewing factory. My poor Mom got sooo
    many aprons and house-dresses for gifts. LOL

  60. Ah, Funtime, Sizzler’s, For Goodness Steak, and oh, JAHN’S! Yeah, it closed before this past decade even started, but I still miss the presence of a good olde ice cream shoppe in the neighborhood.

  61. Maybe someone who still has money to start a business can buy the lot now that Chinar has been looking for a buyer for some time now.

  62. I forget, and have only been a few times as a teenager, what was the name of the club where the CVS is now on Sheepshead Bay Rd? Back in the late 90’s

  63. And there was a little grocery a few doors down. Or was that just a candy store?

    And there was a grocery store on East 18th Street north of Avenue V. It’s now an apartment.

  64. While we’re all here recalling stuff; Does anyone remember what was on the corner of E15th and Ave Z before the bank of ever changing names was there?

  65. back in the 1990’s a bout 96 or so, there was an Adult Movie theater on Kings hwy right near the Diner, Think thats where i learned about Sex and stuff LOL! you know cause i was a youngin back in 96…. lol

  66. Yep, that was the original name, as I seem to remember.

    I do remember lots of sequined items.

    Grand Variety was selling copies of Abbie Hoffman’s “Steal This Book” when it came out. They kept the book rack near the register.

    Us kids were pretty hip, and local business recognized that.

  67. The CVS was Dan’s Supreme. Night Light (and there were other clubs that came and went at that location) was next to it.

    During the 60s it was Perry’s, a mini-department store.

  68. I stand corrected. I think Ben was the nicer of the two men who ran
    the place.
    Do you remember Barry Billiards?

  69. Off the top of my head i didnt know if it was the same building but i figured thats what he was asking about that location.

  70. Was that the one on Flatbush?
    My neighbor’s daughter fell out of the train ride.
    Some cuts and bruises.
    No one sued in those days, just thanked the powers that be that all was well.

  71. I’m not sure either if it’s the same building. It might be. The entrance to where Night Light was (and Perry’s before it, was set bnack from the street. Then the building curves alongside the parking lot. Eventually it turns onto East 14th Street.

    Very strange shape.

  72. Meyer’s Luncheonette across from St. Marks, Continental Bakery, the original Subway’s that was under the station, Abe & Harold’s on 22nd and X…

  73. Villa Bay Pizzeria was great. It was between E. 21st and E. 22nd St. Think it lasted a while longer than the sports memorabilia store. I should kick myself, since I used to go to that store pretty regularly, but I forgot the name. My inner geek says I miss this store along with the other comics/sports cards places more than the others that I mentioned so far.

  74. There was a candy store a few doors down and one on the corner of E19
    where the tattoo place is now,

  75. This is too funny. I had my wedding reception at Grotto d’Oro and before we went on the honeymoon to the Carribean I had Harveys put my eyeglass perscription in a snorkling mask.

  76. I know about the 5 & 10 in the bay but there was also one on Ave U it was next to sanitary fish market that’s the on I am talking about on Ave U between East 17th & east 18th Street.

  77. Remember the dungaree store on Avenue U between 22 & 23? A cool guy named Ernie ran it in 1972 – ? It had comic books as window decoration – he later moved to the south side of U between 17 & 18 – sold the hippest clothes in the bay.

    What about R&J Gym on Avenue U between E26 & 27. Lou Ferrigno and Crazy Eddie used to work out there!

  78. I remember that place. All the goods were on countertops. I can’t tell
    you how many drssers I decorated with the stencils and appliques they
    used to sell.

  79. Barriccini and Lofts. Tappans. The bike shop that used to be on Sheepshead Bay Road.
    I liked that shop. Unlike Roys, he needs competition.
    Remember in the basement of A&S they sold that soft ice cream with different toppings. Yummy. And while I am downtown, Nedicks. Who was it that had the balloons for a chance at free sundae when you ate lunch. McCrorys or Woolworth?

  80. You are absolutely right Lisanne.
    My wife just told me the same thing.
    House – vacant lot – series of banks.

  81. The more we’re talking about these things the more I remember. Things I haven’t thought about in 30, 40, even 50 years.

    Someone travelling back in time to 1960 would barely recognize the place. Unless they lived here then. There were a lot of vacant lots in the 60s.

  82. Photo Depot — The kiosk in the parking lot of the Waldbaum’s/Connie’s/Crown Drugs/L.H. Martin strip mall parking lot where one took their Kodak film to be developed….

  83. Lu Ming – Ave U bet Bedford & 26th – 5 Flavor Shrimp!

    Fra Mar – Ave U bet 23 & 24 – Great Italian food!

    I’ll think of more….

  84. Kabat’s Variety Store on Sheepshead Bay Road. I used to get my GI Joes and Nintendo games there in the 80’s. I still see Mr. Kabat walking around the neighborhood. The building was torn down and the huge bridal shop took over the space a couple years ago.

  85. Bigfoot Comics & Collectiibles was a small, but fun place! James was the owner, but James passed away shortly after he sold it to Steve and Joe who ran it for a year (eventually changing it to The Last Comic Shop) before it closed. There was also Jordan who rented out part of the store for cards.

    There was also Homecrest Comics on Avenue U and East 14th, before they moved to Avenue U, between Homecrest and East 13th Street (where there’s now a Chinese store selling kitchen utensils and everything else).

    Don’t forget Bullpen Comics, when they were in the back of the video rental place on Avenue Z and East 16th Street (where Bagel Boys is now), before Bullpen Comics moved to Coney Island Avenue off of Avenue X.

  86. In the 50’s we used to take the 8th Ave bus from 13 St. I knew when we
    were close because of the Hansen Clock.
    Lisanne, the clock. LOL

  87. Lu Ming, are they the one’s who had a buffet during the day like around 12-3?

    where Chase is located now right? If so man they had Great Hot & Sour soup…. Like Zomg.

  88. Shakes is the name. Bakers dozen of the best donuts around made on
    premises is still only $5.50.
    Shake is a sweetheart. I worked there in the 70’s. Lotsa fun with the

  89. My favorite antique store in the world was on Nostrand Ave, not far from MCDonalds and real close to the Salvation Army (which is also gone.) It was long and narrow and I think it was called American Antiques? It had really great Russian owners and the best collection of old lamps. It was great for me as a goth in the 80s because I could get all my jewelry there with hardly any competition since everyone else was shopping for nameplates at Kings Plaza!

  90. Also, Titus Oakes records! On Ocean and U. And then there was Emerald Records (briefly) on U and 17th. The Ramones did an album signing there once. And not far from Titus Oakes on Ave U was a place we just called The Junk Store where we got the best defective earrings and lipsticks.

  91. Titus Oaks, they did sell records dirt cheep.
    Emerald I don’t remember. There was a shoe store on one of those

  92. Grand Variety, Roller Palace, Big Daddy’s, Jeans, the Deauville, Lundys, Poppys, Sheepshead Bay Movie Theatre, Wiesens, Potpourri, Captain Walters….and probably more that I forgot!!! I miss the Sheepshead Bay that I grew up with!!

  93. Jahn’s Ice Cream Parlor! For my birthday, my mom would take all my friends to Jahn’s and order a “Kitchen Sink.” And who could forget Lundy’s.

  94. 227 comments and NO-ONE has even mentioned Vinnie’s Bay Station , “The Best Little Foodhouse in the BAY” OR Chicken Masters on E12 st ave z ?????? Talk about being only as good as your last meal !!! WoW !!! Love to you all anyway Vinnie

  95. Well, when the article came out, Chicken Masters was still around! However, I can say that I miss it. I’m a little young to remember Bay Station though…

  96. I’m with Ned here. I was just thinking about Chicken Masters the other day and wishing you were still frying the birds Vinnie. Not to mention you had a good burger at a great price.

  97. I can’t believe I missed this the first time around.

    I never went to Pips but I miss it as an icon of Sheepshead Bay and New York Comedy.

    I personally miss Weisen’s most of all because of how reliable it was. Ironically the fish market that replaced it has been pretty goo, I just wish they were somewhere else. No one mentioned the time Weisen’s exterior was done over for the filming of Glengarry Glen Ross. It was the China Bowl on the outside. In fact, has this site ever discussed the filming of Glengarry Glen Ross on Sheepshead Bay Road? The greatest single moment in the history of this neighborhood that’s not food-related.

    I also miss New Clement’s during it’s run in the late 80’s/early 90’s, and even in the years before it closed. Good burgers. And in the old days, real good fish specials.

    I remember writing in the past about Vinny’s place under the subway (I miss that old back entrance for the train, adjacent to it and Bay Pizza). That was my mother’s favorite stop for coffee and would bring me back eggs and bacon during the summer days off from school.

    I miss Jerry’s Barber Shop on Ave Z. Jerry, Benny, and Guido each cut my hair through the years and it was always a solid cut.

    Lastly I miss Madajo’s. The video store where Bagel Boys is now (which is a great place too, I am glad it’s around). And Video on the Bay on Sheepshead Bay Road, closer to Emmons. I used to think it was Siskel & Ebert on the sign there. I miss them only because of that experience of renting a video. Even if it was Ghostbusters and the original Transformers cartoon movie. Every. Day.

  98. OMG I love this blog. I saw Dice Clay in PIPs. πŸ™‚ Thanks so much for the memories. A friend of mine just sent me a pic of the Marquis Room and I almost passed out. πŸ™‚

  99. OMG I remember Lu Ming!!!! I used to sit at the bar, drink Mai Tais and wait for my takeout order. Great food. πŸ™‚

  100. does anyone remember the name of the head shop in Kings Plaza mall. it was in the back of the store Home something?

  101. Argyle is such a rare motif for a building, isn’t it? I remember when this place was a bodega. When I was still working at the Bay News, back in 2001, this is where I watched the first tower come down. The owner was on one side of the counter, I was on the other, and we both stared at the television set completely slackjawed in horror and utter disbelief.

  102. Well that is because all the former residents moved away and decided to sell their property to just anyone. So dont blame the new residents. Blame the ones who abandoned the neighborhood and left it

  103. “Brighton-type people”? Ugh..just say you don’t like Russians.

    It’s simple – a certain population moves into a neighborhood and they will change that neighborhood to their liking. This is true everywhere. What you call “neighborhood feel-good places” are boring and meaningless places to others and the “Brighton-type people” now have their own neighborhood feel-good places in the neighborhood. So those places are not gone, they’re just replaced by the same kind of places that the new demographic considers neighborhood feel-good places.

    You’re right, it is all changing. The same way it all changed when your cultural group moved into town and the old cultural group was making the same complaints that you’re making now.

  104. Peter Pan Playland was on Emmons Ave near E 26 St. My parents would take us there and then we’d walk to Jean’s Clam Bar off Ocean Ave. passing Capt. Walters, and an old trailer diner called the Tip Top Diner.

  105. I miss the time when every piece of property was not crowded in with high rise condos! I miss Peter Pan Playland! I miss the Deauville Cabana Club! I miss Lundy’s and Jean’s Restaurants! I miss the Dungaree Factory on Coney Island Ave. and Ave. T! I miss the Mayfair, Sheepshead, Nostrand, Ave. U, and Graham Movie Theaters! I miss the Carvel on Ave U and Stuart Street!

  106. Same here! I haven’t thought about The Learning Tree in years. I grew up in Canarsie, but would go to The Learning Tree with my Mom, generally at the beginning of the school year, when she was buying supplies for her class, or stuff to decorate her bulletin boards (she was a teacher in Brownsville). I used to busy myself with checking out the scratch & sniff stickers (early 80’s).

  107. So many amazing memories, where can one begin?? As long as we all pine for the past I shall add some of mine. In the Midwood section of our great Kings County I miss Harnicks House of Music ..Joy Fong Cantonese …Bobbins soda fountain…Ratchik Bakery…Stern Bakery…..Arties Pool Hall….Old Dutch Coffee Shop….Silverrod Drug Store…the Kosher Appetizing store at J and CI Avenue….Six Cent Cokes, Ten cent Superman Comics…Fifteen Cent malteds (two full glass fulls) …all at the Ave J subway station enterance….The Midwood Movie Theatre…avenue J was a childs wonderland!

  108. Where to begin? Captain Walter’s, Castle Harbor, Mei Jen, Mon Wah, Randazzo’s restaurants, Joe’s Clam Bar, Lundy’s (the real one)…

  109. All of my favorites have been named already (except I beieve Jerry’s Barber was actually Mr Jerry), and that the dance club near Dan’s Supreme was also called the Brooklyn Zoo), but I’ll add a few probably long-forgotten places that I remember, for good or bad Patches Teen Dance Club on SHBR just south of Voorhies (which I believe burned down), Carey’s Cafe on SHBR near the train station, moved closer to Voohies later on I believe, a pizzeria which inexplicably operated for a time just around the corner from Delmar on Voorhies, he tried to take advantage of the disco craze with a lighted dance floor (???); only went there for the pinball/arcade games (never ate pizza anywhere but Delmar), the Male Ego (sic?) which was on the corner of SBHR and Voorhies between the two aforementioned pizzerias, and outdoor (outdoor?) video arcade underneath the Sheepshead Bay train station on SBHR, Johnny D’s on SBHR and Jerome Yet another pizzeria on SBHR and Shore Pkwy that was destroyed by a gas explosion and was a vacant lot for year (just north of Jimmy’s Heroes), Moh Wah (sic?) open kitchen on SBHR near the olf Bay News offices, where I would fetch chinese takeout when my family could afford it, which was not often but tasted great! Also, the fruit stand (which I doubt even had a name) on Voorhies just off of SBHR (predating the Liquor World at that location) where I obtained my first job at 11 years old delivering and unloading fruit On that corner next to the fruit stand (in SBHR) across from the Male Ego was a butcher for a short time (with actual sawdust on the floor, at least I remember it that way) but I he retired/died and it became a yogurt shop (maybe one of the first TCBYs?)– have no idea what it is now. And also the Shore Cafe which burned and I believe is where Wheeler’s is now, Ross’ Seafood on Emmons, which also burned down I believe but may have already been out of business, Two Scoops Pleez on Emmons which later became the now-also-long defunct Kenny Rogers Roasters , another Ice cream shop/bakery) further toward Knapp on Emmons that used to make X-rated cakes? (yes the weird things about my childhood stand out– also, I think that there was a SKI SHOP, of all things, in that general area as well). Also, does anyone remember a Baskin Robbins on SBHR in the 70’s (near the Hebrew National Deli, I believe), and a wonderful candy store in that same general area? I also seem to recall a Thom McAn shoe store in that area of SBHR as well, but not so certain about that one Also, though not a business, does anyone remember the large bicentennial mural that was painted on SHBR underneath the Belt Parkway?

  110. I remember the Butterbun Bakeshop on Nostrand Ave between Avenue W and X. On Sunday mornings they had a long strip cake with cherries inside and chocolate icing. You paid by the pound. I’ve never had anything like it. You had to get there early or it was gone. Also there was a luncheonette on Avenue X a block from Shellbank JHS whose name I can’t remember (give me a break, I’m old–Sheepshead Bay HS grad 1965). They had a good burger deluxe special that was way better than than HS cafeteria lunches.

  111. The luncheonette in the small shopping are had the best tuna sandwiches….and everyone knew he added grated bread to the mix. I guess we just loved mayo. lol

  112. It was Hobby King. Hobby Hut was on Nostrand and Kings Hwy, IIRC. They both moved/went OOB within a couple years of each other. Not that it matters, since most people confused the two anyway. :p

  113. All the great restaurants , starting with Seniors , all the local diners, all the fast food places, our New Clements Luncheonette, All the different Chinese & Thai & Italian & Kosher Delis, all gone .

  114. Two hundred eighty six comments about old businesses? This site should be shuttered.

  115. Eugene’s Bakery at Ave. V and Coyle St. Anybody remember it? They had great Chinese Cookies.

  116. Fun N Games in Kings Plaza , buddies arcade on Utica avenue next to Burger King now Petco .
    Orange Julious in Kings plaza the first smoothie shop now we have magic bullets home .
    Spencer Gifts in Kings plaza cool posters in the back of the store .
    The head shop in the mall was the plum tree where u could buy those black rock style tee shirts and patches to see onto your denim jacket .

  117. Wow – the Dungaree Factory didn’t just do free alterations – at the beginning, they measured you and made the “dungarees” (before “jeans”) from scratch. And a lot of overalls. Back then (late 1950s), denim was worn mostly for work outfits – it was such sturdy material – so weekends were for dungarees. My father wore them to do his building around the house (he actually built our house from the basement up.) My mother would take us to the Dungaree Factory and we would go back a week or so later to pick up our brand new clothes.

    I will remember it always.

  118. Leon’s Bakery on Knapp street. I can barely even write about it. We were so sorry to hear it was sold – I thought it closed a few years ago, but it wasn’t the same ever again.

    The Bialy Factory on Coney Island Avenue (or was it Ocean Avenue??) I’m not sure now.
    This was before all the bagel stores existed in Brooklyn.

    Again, I’m going back a LONG time – to late 50’s early 60s when they opened.

    Well, watching carbs was not in vogue back then. πŸ™‚

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