Tonight: MBNA To Discuss Zoning And Parks

The Manhattan Beach Neighborhood Association is meeting tonight at 8:00 p.m. in the P.S. 195 (133 Irwin Street) auditorium. It should be an interesting meeting, as they’ve announced a discussion of “important NYC Zoning information for our neighborhood,” a topic that has been quiet in Manhattan Beach since the MBNA split from the Manhattan Beach Community Group four years ago. The MBCG has always maintained that the difference between the two groups is over zoning, saying that the MBNA wants upzoning while the MBCG wants to keep the current zoning. This meeting could be the first volley fired in the latest zoning and development battle in Manhattan Beach.

Aside from that, the MBNA will discuss their meeting with the Parks Department’s Brooklyn Commissioner, and updates on their requests to the Department of Transportation.


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