To Help Hurricane Victims, Local Woman Pledges To Swim Sheepshead Bay’s Frigid, Polluted Waters

In an act of incredibly selfless sacrifice, a local woman is promising to swim across Sheepshead Bay, on a presumably freezing December 2 afternoon, all in an effort to raise money for her Hurricane Sandy-displaced friends, Morti and Shira.

Morti and Shira Lebovich are a young Manhattan Beach couple whose basement apartment was flooded, causing them to lose most all their things, and forcing them, their two young children and dog, out of their home. Ilana, the woman promising to swim the Bay, has invited people to donate, take the plunge, or do both through her impromptu website.

According to Ilana, her biggest fear seems to be the freezing water she expects to wade through come December 2, but who knows what other disgusting obstacles await her in those treacherous Bay waters, so you know she isn’t kidding around and that the welfare of her friends mean a great deal to her.

She’s already raised over $1,o00, and if you’d like to donate, or risk your own hide swimming for a good cause, check out Ilana’s official page with more information on the event here.