From Boxing Ring to Pool Table: Rockin' Ray Keeps On Goin'

rockin rays active friday pool night

When we stopped by last Friday evening to see how Rockin’ Ray’s H.O.N.K. program was managing, we found the mood festive.

It was pool night, so the group was not boxing and sparring. Instead, they were enjoying the time shooting some pool and having a couple of laughs.

Ray Fiore said that although his efforts to raise money to keep the program running have been highly unsuccessful, they still have a little time left in the building. That is, until the landlord goes through the usual process of clearing out the tenants.

In the meantime, Rockin’ Ray will keep smiling and hoping for the best. If you have nothing to do tonight and happen to have a couple thousand extra in your checking account, why not go shoot some pool?

(Please excuse the blurry picture, that guy’s like an Energizer Bunny…so hard to get him to stay still.)

Rockin’ Ray’s Boxing Club
2460 East 17 Street
between Avenues X & Y
Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn