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Video: Prevent Bullying Tips From The NYPD


Yesterday we brought you a video of NYPD Community Affairs officers providing tips to prevent cell phone theft. Today we have a video for parents on how to identify and prevent bullying, regardless of whether their child is the bullied or the bully.

The videos come from an event last Thursday in which NYPD officers from the 60th Precinct, 61st Precinct, 62nd Precinct, 70th Precinct and Brooklyn South’s Community Affairs Unit converged on Tzar Restaurant (2007 Emmons Avenue), for the first ever Community Awareness Meeting organized by the Be Proud Foundation and the Brighton Beach Business Improvement District.

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  1.  Def not! As a victim of both bullying from a bigger kid in my youth and later from the NYPD (specifically Brooklyn South as the big bully in the video mentions he oversees) I too would be grateful if the NYPD or whoever would put together something informative for anti-bullying. However, the tips that this guy suggests such as “tell a teacher” or “police officer” = severe, permanent bullying!! A bully will always be a bully – if you get an overnight makeover and show up to school tomorrow being the coolest guy on the block the bully is just going to turn to another victim. Why should we focus on identifying who the victims of bullying are if we aren’t doing much to help the bullies? And yes I say HELP the bullies because that is what they need. The torment my bully put me through made me the man I am today. A man that can forgive the sick individual who had poor guidance as a youth. As far as the momo in the video is concerned, I understand why they chose a roughly 6 foot tall, 200+ lb cop to run an anti-bullying lecture – Who else but a bully can educate you best on the topic?!?!?

  2. First of all. The girl who the officer mentioned about being bullied and jumping in front of a city bus in Staten Island a year ago, has a name. It’s Amanda Cummings. And it happened LESS than a year ago! It happened on December 24th 2011. And it wasn’t because she didn’t have nice clothes. Do your homework first officer….. What’s your name? Couldn’t understand you. I do want to say that I truley appreciate the efforts of the NYPD for trying to stop something that has been around for soooo long now. But… How about the bullying that the NYPD does? How about my boyfriend who committed suicide, due to being “shaken down” by a couple of thug bully’s of our great NYPD? How about my childhood friend who jumped from a 5th floor balcony of her home in Staten Island on Thanksgiving day in 2010? Why? Because her boyfriend beat her on a daily basis. He was there when she jumped to her death and the police failed to arrest him for violation of an order of protection she had on her boyfrend at the time of her death. Why wasn’t HE arrested? Because the NYPD didn’t run his name at the scene of her death. He should have been arrested for that violation. Which then COULD HAVE held him accountable for her actions. Who knows? Maybe she didn’t jump. Maybe he pushed her off the balcony. I’m just sayin’.

  3. Going though the comments in here, I came across this line saying, “HELP the bullies.” This I say is true. Psychological and psychiatric studies have shown that most bullies have had poor guidance during their growing up years if not have had experienced several other forms of bullying, usually from a grown-up, and is doing the same thing to others as a scapegoat. As much we need to help those who are bullied, we also need to look upon the bullies. However, the bottom-line is, everything starts in the home, and proper guidance and values are needed to mold someone into a good citizen of this world.


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