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Thug Busted For Assault, Robbery Of 18-Year-Old Woman In Midwood Apartment Building


Following an aggressive police search that included requests for help from the public and Councilman Chaim Deutsch’s offer of $2,500 for information leading to the arrest of two individuals wanted in the alleged assault and robbery of an 18-year-old in her Midwood apartment Sunday evening, the NYPD announced last night one arrest has been made in regards to the crime that was caught on surveillance tape.

Tyler Hoppin

Tyler Hoppin, 18, of Canarsie, was arrested and charged with robbery, assault, and criminal possession of stolen property, police said.

According to police, the two suspects followed the victim into her apartment building near Avenue M and East 18th Street around 9:40 p.m. Sunday. The suspects were shown on the surveillance tape pulling the woman from the elevator, after which police said they allegedly punched and kicked her and stole her purse.

Tyler Hoppin

We tracked down Hoppin’s instagram photos, which feature many a selfie and photos of food.

Tyler Hoppin

While police have not yet announced a second arrest, Deutsch, who commended the NYPD for nabbing Hoppin, said it will hopefully be imminent.

“Under the command of Inspector Richard DiBlasio, the 70th Precinct worked swiftly and diligently to apprehend one of the perpetrators of this despicable crime,” Deutsch said in a statement to the press. “I am confident that another arrest is forthcoming. I thank the hardworking officers who continue to keep our streets safe and our children protected.”

Video via the NYPD. Photos via Instagram.

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  1. The part that’s really sad: If you look through the Instagram photos, you will see a shot of this young man’s report card. High 80s and 90s. He was on his high school’s honor roll. Why on Earth would he do something so stupid? It doesn’t compute one bit.

  2. ES,
    Could the report card be stolen too?
    just because, let’s assume, he’s doing well in school doesn’t automatically qualify him to be A+ law abiding citizen.
    He’s still a lowlife garbage and most likely will be this way for the rest of his life. I hope not.

  3. They’ll be out in no time, parents have nothing to worry about. It’s society’s fault anyway.

  4. I can’t see his name on that report card and the marks are not high 80’s and 90’s . Unless I am looking at a different instagram photo

  5. Looks like it. The status with the photo says “honor roll.” From my non-professional investigative skills, it makes me think there’s three probable scenarios:

    *we have a smart crook (they do exist)
    *the school is fudging the grades
    *peer pressure

  6. Yep…..Just as I knew without even seeing the face of this uncivilized “Balcony Sitting Baboon” another fine upstanding “Knee-Grow” ….as usual, as expected!!!!

  7. You mean we need more Nooses and Gallows…screw the jails, they are a waste of the tax payers money. Execute em’ right away “make em all good”

  8. Good news: Malique Young, second alleged mugger arrested in violent robbery.
    Bad news: When the hell did all the racists pop up on this site?

  9. When I see either a black man or a pitbull I cross the street. Shame on you Brooklyn for educating these individuals, who are predisposed to be monsters. Boycott anyone who graduated from either Midwood High or Brooklyn College, as they have an unfair share of these black folks. 35% and 27% respectfully. Imagine sharing a classroom, yet alone a toilet seat with this type of scum. Many Russians and Jews of South Brooklyn dread commuting to work everyday, because they have to see these type of scumbags.

  10. Ha! I knew it! I hadn’t seen the photos. Possibly the high marks are from intimidated faculty. I’ve been in the school system 15 years, and all agree that it’s not worth getting beat up, killed having your car vandalized. Sadly, ‘high marks’ and ‘honor student’ sometimes translates to Mom with a big mouth. Thankfully, this crime is on undeniable video or they would be making claims that he was being picked on you-know-why.

  11. also is it me or are comments being heavily censored on this site? and not just the trashy ‘kill all black people’ ones. i saw a comment on this article that i up-voted last night because i thought it was funny and i dont see it here today.

  12. What’s really stupid is how, in this day and age, anyone would be so oblivious to the likelihood that their crime would be caught on surveillance cameras. Or could it be that these guys figured that, because of their ages, the fact that no weapons were involved, and perhaps that they had no stigmatizing priors, their crime woud be plead down to a misdemeanor and they’d do little or no time? Or could this be some kind of gang initiation? And has anyone ruled out the possibility that the perps and the victim knew each other and that this may not have been a random crime?


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