They (Sorta) Did It! MTA Reopens Stations On Time

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When we heard the following news, we were certain it would be followed by a Notify NYC alert telling us to beware of low-flying pigs arriving from a frozen-over Hell.

But no, none of that happened. And we’re happy to say that the Manhattan-bound platforms at Avenue U and Neck Road are now open – meaning a full restoration of service on both sides. Work is still being done and the two-year project is not yet complete. The MTA’s page on the Brighton Line Restoration project says the final touches will be in Early 2011. The project was slightly delayed, as the original completion date was supposed to be in 2010 – but at least we’ve got our service back.

Further down the line, Manhattan-bound platforms at Avenue M and Avenue H will remain closed until Fall 2011.

Tip o’ the hat to for spotting this before us.