The Week on the Stoop

The Week on the Stoop

The dreaded Con Ed strike began.

There was progress at Calexico, and Pinkberry set an opening date.

It was 4th of July (and we survived the lack of fireworks).

The Park Slope Passive House is going to use 90% less energy than everyone else’s aggressive houses.

We laughed, we danced, we ate ice cream.

Xanadu opened at Washington Park, and director John McEneny told us all about it.

We weighed the comparative merits of Park Slope’s various playgrounds.

Uncle Barry’s made headlines, reinvented bar food, ruined diets.

There was a fire on 7th Ave.

We thought a lot about the neighborhood’s “It” bag and came to no definitive conclusions.

The parks department got a $2 million boost.

Hip Tot Music Fest co-founder Gabby Napolitano explained what makes a hip tot hip.