The Park Slope Passive House Is Almost Finished

The Park Slope Passive House Is Almost Finished

photo via Brownstoner

Brownstoner reports that 23 Park Place, a.k.a. The Park Slope Passive House, just received its Passive House Institute certification, which means it’s officially the least aggressive house in all of New York City and definitely among the most (the most?) energy-efficient.

But what is a passive house? And how does it compare to other green-housing projects around the neighborhood? Architectural designer Julie Torres Moskovitz laid out the basic tenants of passivity for Brownstoner back in March:

The Passive House standard focuses on 5 main strategies: 1. Insulate strategically; 2. Stop thermal bridges; 3. Achieve air tightness; 4. Install high-performing windows for thermal comfort; and 5. Reduce mechanical systems with heat recovery ventilation.

And in an expected five weeks, construction will be complete and the building will be ready for some very low-impact living. According to the press release:

In addition to consuming approximately 90% less energy than the average home, the building also achieves impressive air tightness which helps to further reduce its energy consumption. Renewables such as solar thermal panels and solar photovoltaic panels help to supply remaining energy needs. There is no gas service to the home.

It kind of makes remembering to turn off the lights when you leave the room feel like small potatoes, you know?


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