The March Toward PS 372 Expansion Drags On

The March Toward PS 372 Expansion Drags On

photo via InsideSchools

That expansion at PS 372 , aka the Children’s School, that would allow it to also serve middle school students using the same fully-inclusive approach? No progress yet, reports the Daily News.

The proposal to create a 6-8 curriculum at PS 372 was approved last fall, but nearly a year later, the Department of Education still hasn’t found a space.

“This is extremely frustrating. We’ve already been granted a grade expansion,” said mom Janine DiLorenzo, who doesn’t understand how the the Education Dept. can find space for the Eva Moskowitz-run Success Charter Academy and not PS 372. “We’re a great school and we’re just trying to advocate for it.”

According to the Education Department., though, that plan to expand  “isn’t official” until they figure out where to put the expansion.

“The Children’s School expansion and the identification of space will be considered as part of our 2013-2014 planning cycle,” said Education Dept. spokeswoman Erin Hughes.

And so the frustration continues. They’ve got a petition going, which may or may not be an effective action, but is at last an action — join them by signing here.