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The Farm Expands With Storefront On Church Avenue


1111 church avenue bakery

And there goes another empty storefront! For anyone who’s noticed activity at 1111 Church Avenue (between Stratford and Westminster) lately, The Farm on Adderley crew has confirmed they plan to turn the space into a bakery/sandwich shop in the near future.

The restaurant has used 1111 as a supply annex in the past, and local artist Catherine Rutgers gave the gate its one-of-a-kind look last spring. Stephen of The Farm says they’re not quite ready to spill all the details yet, but Caton Parkers and Prospect Park South neighbors will soon have one less reason to walk all the way to Cortelyou.

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  1. If The Farm has an “outback” on Church Ave, they will be a welcome addition!

    But, seriously–
    enough with this NoProPaSo nonsense!

    Puh.l.eeze already.


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