The F Train Sucks, According to Councilman Greenfield

Source: bondidwhat via flickr

Councilman David Greenfield’s frustration with the F train has again bubbled to the surface. According to a New York Daily News report, at a City Council Executive Budget meeting, Greenfield let loose a small outburst where he proclaimed that the F trains “sucks” no less than four times.

Greenfield declared that the F line’s service was overcrowded, dirty and regularly late.

This isn’t the first time that the councilman has flipped out over the F train. Last month, we reported that during a City Council Transportation Committee meeting, Greenfield declared the F train a disaster.

Adam Lisberg, a spokesman for the MTA was willing to work with Greenfield to improve the F line but still defended its service.

“As a twice a day F-train rider, I strongly disagree with his assessment and I think he made a poor choice of words,” the Daily News reported Lisberg saying. “I ride the F train twice a day. I find it to be exceptionally clean. I don’t always get a seat, especially during rush hour, but the train comes frequently and gets me to work and back home on time.”

On a scale of “sucks” to “doesn’t suck” how would you rate the F line’s service?


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