The Delectable Rewards Of Eating Local In Ditmas Park

ox cart loyalty card

Burger-loving neighbor Chris wrote the other day to say:

Ox Cart is my most frequented establishment here and I had absolutely no idea they had a loyalty card scheme! I just had a delivery tonight and the guy said, “You have one of our punch cards, right?”
He said they’d been doing it a while, too. Just thought others might like to know in case, like me, they had no idea.

It should be pointed out that the card is for delivery and take-out orders only, but still–a $12-14 burger on the house is a fantastic reward for repeat Ox Cart offenders, and it’s always nice to see a business give incentives for shopping local. So, where else in Ditmas offers customer loyalty cards?

  • Coffee Mob (1514 Newkirk Ave. on the corner of E 16th St.) will punch their business card if you ask.
Lark (1007 Church Ave. between E 10th and E 11th Sts.) has two cards–one for coffee, and one for ice cream–fingers crossed they’ll have ice cream again soon! Each card is buy 10, get one free.
  • John’s Bakery (1322 Cortelyou Rd. on the corner of Rugby Rd.) offers a free 12 oz. coffee after you buy six coffees of any size.
  • TB Ackerson (1205 Cortelyou Rd. between Argyle and Westminster Rds.) will sell you a <$15 bottle of wine for just $1 after you buy 12 other bottles.
  • Qathra (1112 Cortelyou Rd. between Stratford and Westminster Rds.) has a buy 10, get one free deal, too–but you definitely have to ask.

Anywhere else you can think of? We shop locally for tasty food and friendly service, but free stuff never hurts, either.