The 18th Avenue Feast Is On For 2012!

Source: Whiskeygonebad via Flickr

The good news can be heard ’round the hood: The Festa di Santa Rosalia, or 18th Avenue Feast, is back on for this year!

The city approved the permits for the feast to run from August 24 to September 3. It will take place on 18th Avenue, between 67th to 75th.

“It’s happening,” said Carcione Damiano, President of the Santa Rosalia Society to the Brooklyn Daily. “It’s done already. All the paperwork with the city is approved.”

The group has begun to gather vendors, and by all accounts, seasoned merchants from the past are coming back.

However, for residents, the wounds from the previous years’ last-minute feast cancellation are still fresh. After almost 30 years of zeppolis, powdered sugar and music to revel in the few remaining summer nights, organizers suddenly put an end to the beloved event.

The reasons behind the decision were never made clear. Organizers claim that the city didn’t act quickly enough to approve permits, while the city said that the permits filed were only temporary.

“I looked forward to it every year. I love seeing everyone come out and party,” said Belle R., a Bath Beach resident. “It was confusing last year, and even this year, it’s like literally last minute again. I really hope they don’t cancel it again.”

Looks like the biggest question of the 2012 summer has finally been answered. Now let the festivities begin!


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