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Teenage Boys Attack South Slope Woman Friday Evening


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A warm and pleasant evening turned violent after a woman was mugged on the corner of 12th Street and 6th Avenue Friday.

According to a neighbor on the scene, the woman was attacked around 7pm on April 11 by four teenage boys.

“She screamed and people literally came running from everywhere to help, including my husband and me,” the neighbor, who wished to remain anonymous, explained. “Neighbors got the phone back before the boys ran, but they took off with her purse.

“My husband went running after them,” she continued, “and the police came and pursued them as well. Many neighbors came out to support the young woman who was rightfully rattled and shocked after being punched and kicked.”

The teenagers were apprehended shortly after the attack at Junior’s Deli on 8th Avenue, between 11th and 12th Streets.

F’d In Park Slope is also reporting that a second woman may have been mugged on 8th Avenue. We’ve reached out to the 78th Precinct for comment, but at the time of this post,  have not received a response.

“Although this was a terrible and scary crime in our neighborhood,” the witness said, “I feel lucky to live among so many people willing to help a stranger in need so quickly.

“Whether they confronted the boys,” she continued, “consoled and cared for the woman, told the cops which way they ran, followed them on a delivery bike, or ensured they got caught…so many people, strangers to each other, chipped in to help after such a senseless crime.”

The scary thing about this particular attack is that it happened so early in the evening. Be careful out there, neighbors.

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