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Ben Wellington

Coney Island Beach Isn’t As Full Of Sh*t As You Think, But The Creek Is

Coney Island Creek by Cropsey Avenue is the city’s most fecal-filled waterway, according to one number-crunching analyst. Ben Wellington, a statistics professor at Pratt Institute who runs the I Quant NY blog [http://iquantny.tumblr.com/post/97788820249/fecal-map-nyc-the-worst-places-to-swim-in-the-city] , pulled Department of Environmental Protection water sampling data on fecal

build it back

De Blasio Vows New Approach To City’s Sandy Aid Distribution

Photo by Erica ShermanWith new reports every week [http://www.ny1.com/content/news/205028/victims-wonder-why-only-small-amount-of-build-it-back-funds-have-been-spent] about the growing frustration New York City’s Superstorm Sandy victims feel towards recovery programs, Mayor Bill de Blasio has acknowledged that the city “needs to do better,” and said his administration will find