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Playtime In Ditmas Park: Upcoming Children’s Events

You can take a waterfall hike in Prospect Park this Saturday, June 20. Photo via Andrew Gwozdziewycz [https://www.flickr.com/photos/thinkiandy/4208656292/in/photolist-7pUsTw-6WpnFT-gYa3k-7XgK1X-dHVb6n-nLAQDy-ecN6wn-nSFvBb-6Wtp4u-6i2suH-gXXut-c9Wbs-5AUn3P-gXXLT-pzUFsm-bghyER-bqSegg-6V1Ey3-h5gYTd-h5hcHE-h5gTUq-h5hc2Q-h5i7zF-h5gVrd-h5hcdS-h5gUaA-h5i7Pt-h5iayg-h5gz2z-h5gW3y-h5gPwM-h5i9Ae-h5gU54-h5gTjM-h5i8HH-h5i9MB-h5i8x2-h5h995-h5ibtH-h5gRVV-h5gSFH-h5h9jq-h5gWvN-h5haZE-4tN8Aa-h5gRMh-7b6qQj-834CC1-


Jamaica Bay Sunset Tour Is For The Birds… And The People Who Love Them

An American White Pelican lives the good life at Jamaica Bay. Source: 10000birds.comLiving here in Sheepshead Bay, one is not necessarily exposed on a regular basis to a diverse plethora of exotic avian wildlife. Although we have pigeons [/tag/pigeons/], seagulls [/morning-mug-who-you-lookin-at/], ducks and swans — Lord knows [/morning-mug-it-was-so-hot-in-sheepshead-bay/] we