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Man Who Stopped Maksim Gelman Learns Cops Aren’t Obligated To Protect People From Being Stabbed

Maksim GelmanPoor Joseph Lozito. If you don’t remember, Lozito was the man who heroically stopped Maksim Gelman, the murderous, knife-wielding lunatic, by wrestling him to the ground and receiving multiple stab wounds – all while cops looked on and did nothing. As we’ve previously reported [/if-you-are-getting-stabbed-the-police-don/], Lozito took his

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If You Are Getting Stabbed By Maksim Gelman, The Police Don’t Have To Help You

Remember Maksim Gelman [/maksim-gelman-accused-of-sheepshead-stabbing-spree-pleads-guilty/], the lunatic who went on a stabbing spree that resulted in the tragic deaths of four people and 28 hour manhunt throughout the entire city? Well, the last person [/maksim-gelman-caught-but-not-before-more-attacks/] Gelman attacked, 42-year-old Joseph Lozito, is suing the city for failing to intervene when he was

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Gelman Sentenced To 25 More Years For Manhattan Stabbing, Gets Mocked By Final Victim

Just under a month ago, Maksim Gelman was sentenced to 200 years [/breaking-gelman-sentenced-to-200-years/] by a Brooklyn judge for the four stabbing deaths during his 28-hour rampage [/maksim-gelman-accused-of-sheepshead-stabbing-spree-pleads-guilty/]. Now a Manhattan judge has tacked on 25 more years for the non-lethal slashing in Manhattan – his last victim before being locked up.