Man Who Stopped Maksim Gelman Learns Cops Aren’t Obligated To Protect People From Being Stabbed

Maksim Gelman, suspect in stabbing of Aleksandr Kuznetsov
Maksim Gelman

Poor Joseph Lozito. If you don’t remember, Lozito was the man who heroically stopped Maksim Gelman, the murderous, knife-wielding lunatic, by wrestling him to the ground and receiving multiple stab wounds – all while cops looked on and did nothing.

As we’ve previously reported, Lozito took his case to court, arguing that officers should have helped him while he made the effort to pin down Gelman, but now the New York Post is reporting that a judge has thrown out the case on the grounds that officers were not obligated to protect Lozito during the fight.

Lozito, 42, recognized Gelman, who was on the run for murdering four people around Sheepshead Bay in February 2011, on a subway car and tackled him to the ground. In the scuffle, Lozito suffered seven stab wounds mainly to the back of the head and face. According to Lozito’s account, two police officers, Terrance Howell and Tamara Taylor, did nothing until Lozito managed to pin Gelman to the ground, instead taking cover in the adjacent operator’s cab.

The city defended the actions of the police officers, or lack thereof, with the surprising argument that officers have no “special duty” to protect a citizen, even if they are being assaulted in plain sight. Judge Margaret Chan has ultimately sided with the defense, using the rational that because “no direct promises of protection were made to Mr. Lozito,” the officers had “no special duty” to protect him.

Even though Chan threw out Lozito’s case, she made sure to praise his heroic actions.

“The dismissal of this lawsuit does not lessen Mr. Lozito’s bravery or the pain of his injuries. It merely provides a resolution to this litigation,” Chan said in Manhattan Supreme Court.

Justice served. Or something.

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  1. This is a disgrace. This man deserves a medal and the key to the city. Did Bloomberg even thank him? I thought the job of the police is to protect the public when possible not only when a specific promise is made. I bet the cops got credit of making the arrest. This man assisted and the cops should have intervened. They seem like cowards to me. Why didn’t they recognize Gelman?

    Bloomberg must have pressured the judge to get the lawsuit dropped.

  2. So if Lozito had been fatally wounded, this would have been acceptable.

    So apparently the cops are not there to protect.

    They should take that off their slogan.

  3. Police’s job nowadays is to eat donuts, drive along the shore looking at hot chicks in bikinis and give out tickets.

  4. And im just a gun nut who only wants the ability to protect myself and family. Dont forget sheeple when in trouble call the cops they will help you.

  5. I am not too sure how this is so… As someone pointed out To protect and serve…. but I guess unless they specifically say.. I will protect YOU, they do not have to… ???

  6. Simpsons reference or Twilight-Zone? Either way this is a great response.

  7. To harass and give out tickets. These crooks they lie, steal and their sole purpose is to cause financial hardship for people or worse to arrest you

  8. Don’t they have to protect and serve on the side of their car?? Protect what??? Their own ass?? This is a sad day in new york, any REAL MAN would have jumped in and helped another human being..these cops are ,MICE and SHAMEFUL examples of the human race, they should not be allowed to Darryl a badge much less a gun and a title…shame!

  9. Last week they were riding up and down Manhattan Beach every five minutes so my friend asked them what they were doing on their fourth pass. They said to make sure everyone follows the rules like no glass bottles on the beach. Okay. It was low tide when it was easy and fun to drive up and down the beach. An hour later, when the tide came in, it wasn’t possible to maneuver their vehicle so easily, so for the next four hours not a single police officer passed by at all with or without any type of vehicle. Does that make sense? Patrols every five minutes for an hour, then none for the next four? They were just having fun.

    A few weeks before six officers were hanging out in one place for an hour in Brighton Beach until their supervisor came by and split them up.

  10. First of all : Serve and protect is slogan for LAPD, NYPD slogan is courtesy, professionalism and respect.
    Second is that officers acted properly and very professional if they came out and approached Gelman before him they would get in a fight where innocent people could have gotten hurt. Instead they were waiting to Gelman exit train and ask for additional cops (police radios don’t work in moving trains). However dude took it upon himself to apprehend maniac which was heroic but let’s face it he could be another person killed by Gelman. And I’m not mentioning he risked life of other passengers

  11. I think this is sad. Just goes to show that these days, the law is not going to be on your side. How are we to know that the crack head on the street isn’t about to attack us. People out there are nuts, and sure enough, you can only anticipate that passersby will merely be passersby, as the police are busy getting coffee, or donuts, or whatever they do with their time (I know this, was assaulted yesterday in LA while two Sheriffs motorcycles were parked (Sheriffs were busy getting coffee inside the local coffee bean) and unattended. Of course they didn’t do anything. Thank god the Security guard of the building in which I work was nearby.

  12. If this is true, citizens should have the right to carry guns.
    If NYPD will not protect the public, who will?

    Next thing they may say is that NYPD does not need to respond to emergency calls. FDNY does not need to respond to fires. EMS does not need to respond.

    This must stop now.

    If not now, when?

    If not us, who?

  13. First of all 5cents….Joe did not heroically attempt to apprehend Gelman. joe was on the train going to work. Gelman decided that much like the 4 ppl he killed the day prior, he was going to TRY to kill Joe. Thing is, he picked the wrong guy to fuck with. Please, for the love of God, know all the acts before defending the cops. The two officers admittedly stayed in the motor and cab because they saw that Gelman had a “shiny weapon” and were “scared”. Joe had NO CHOICE BUT TO FIGHT FIR HIS LIFE. not all cops are good, and not all cops are bad. But these 2 POS ARE JUST THAT.

  14. I was at Brighton Beach the other day- every single time a cop “golf cart” went by there was a different cute young lady in a bikini in the back- they were busy- busy picking up chicks. It’s nice to know “they have no duty to protect” us civilians either- I feel so safe to know these cowards were hiding while a brave man apprehended a multiple murderer singlehandedly. Unbelievable.

  15. Oh I guess you are one of them- since you seem to know exactly what they were thinking and are sure they ID’ed the suspect and were just waiting for backup. Nice try, though but we are not buying your thin excuses

  16. Don’t you know how many crimes are committed by cute young chicks in bikinis? They are constantly profiled for stop and frisk.

  17. yes, because more guns are the most peaceful mass-murdering weapons there are. At least this guy just used a knife. If you people had your way he’d have shot down twice as many, and that’s not even counting all of the innocents being shot by accident in the ensuing firefight.

  18. This is where you people fail. If we had our way there would be peace on earth or at least here. Unfortunately thats not the reality and everyone should have the opportunity to protect themselves by any means. You obviously dont have any facts to back your claim that more people would be shot in a shoot out. The fact is that private citizens that use guns to protect themselves are actually more accurate than your saviors the police. Here are some facts for you

  19. officers have no “special duty” to protect a citizen OMFG seriously They need to remove the To Protect and serve from their cars. I think that is a promises of protection in and of itself.

  20. Perhaps that is exactly what the NYPD wants? So citizens cannot protect them selves.

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