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The Thunderbolt Is Now Open, And Here’s A Point-Of-View Video Showing What It’s Like To Ride Shotgun

I was really hoping to be among the first riders of the new Thunderbolt roller coaster [/thunderbolt-roller-coaster-looks-to-rock-coney-island/], which finally opened to the public after a short delay on Saturday [http://www.sheepsheadbites.com/2014/06/delays-coney-islands-thunderbolt-open-friday-june-6/] . Unfortunately, Father’s Day plans got in the way, dashing my dream of telling

horace bullard

As Coney Island Transforms, Visionary Horace Bullard Is Remembered

Horace Bullard (Source: coneyislandhistory.org)Anyone who takes a trip to Coney Island these days can see how the boardwalk is changing. The beach looks cleaner than ever, corporations are racing to capitalize [/coney-island-attracting-fancy-new-businesses-and-chains/] on the boardwalk and new attractions are being planned [http://www.bensonhurstbean.com/2013/06/take-a-virtual-ride-on-the-thunderbolt/