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Apply Now For The ‘NYC Born & Raised’ College Scholarship

Apply Now For The ‘NYC Born & Raised’ College Scholarship

Photo by suewaters [https://www.flickr.com/photos/suewaters/7564724934/in/photolist-cwtcaY-oNC8bR-ceSzn7-cD7dj7-ijow9x-dLnfno-RoWke-6VUNug-wNZ9qH-6WmWvH-r8Fs8c-cwteaw-9jWxuM-7cqfD3-XxL15-e3y77r-dLgMSP-vKdFRq-e3y79X-e3DLQd-7cm9BZ-mMrpTq-cvXVRb-e3y79e-e3DLNE-gYG1Qp-e3DLMy-5ToB3M-e3y7ak-7bVfT2-7bVfLe-cvXHRJ-e3y78D-pN3ggn-pMzLuV-fh2DQB-cwtbPf-omFv6L-agFk8h-hW2Z6L-4aEHgy-6W3Gan-f86BqV-2Za6bY-cvXWg9-4DSU5g-7cq2HW-9dDhKo-RL7ak-gVUdA2] /FlickrAre you a native New Yorker who is currently college? A Brook

2630 benson ave

Expeditionary Learning School At Lafayette Campus Celebrates Graduation Rate Gains During College-Bound March

Students celebrated a successful march to deliver their college applications. More than 300 students from the Expeditionary Learning School for Community Leaders (2630 Benson Avenue), formerly Lafayette High School, signed, sealed and delivered their college applications to a United States Post Office truck in front of their school on Friday

2202 60th st

Bensonhurst Mom Of College-Aged Quadruplets Wrestles With Cost Of Education – How Do You Cope With High Tuition?

Source: nycprivateschoolsblog.comThe New York Daily News this week featured the story of Carmela and Pasquale Sciannantena, a Bensonhurst couple working like dogs to find the money to send their 17-year-old quadruplets to college after they graduate from Bishop Kearney High School (2202 60th Street) this year, illustrating how even


Touro College’s Graduate School Of Technology Prepares You To Be A Tech Leader (SPONSORED)

This is a paid announcement from Touro College’s Graduate School of Technology, a Jewish-sponsored non-sectarian independent institution of higher and professional education. Touro College – Graduate School of Technology Recognized internationally for excellence in teaching, service, and professional studies, Touro College enrolls over 19,000 students across the United States