Suspect in Stabbing Arrested

Juan Reyes, of Avenue U, has been arrested and charged with murder of a 13-year-old boy with a screwdriver. We first told you about the shocking incident on Thursday, and it’s good to see it has come to an end.

The murder happened Wednesday night on East 15th street and Avenue X following a dispute at a local park. The arrest was made Thursday. NY Times has a rather grisly account of events:

Mr. Reyes and two of his friends had argued with Miguel at a park earlier Wednesday, the police said. Mr. Reyes and Miguel, who both lived nearby, had also argued two days earlier, the police said; they did not indicate the nature of the dispute.
As Miguel left the park Wednesday with a friend, they walked up East 15th Street toward Miguel’s house, looking back over their shoulders, said Gail Hooks, 56, a neighbor who witnessed the attack.
A stocky, bare-chested man on a bicycle began chasing the boys, shouting angrily in Spanish, Ms. Hooks said. He skidded to a stop, blocking their path, and leaped off his bicycle. He grabbed Miguel’s white T-shirt and began to pummel his back, she said.
Ms. Hooks and her companion, Vernon Wade, 61, said they initially thought that the bicyclist was punching Miguel. By the time Mr. Wade realized there was a long screwdriver in the attacker’s hand, he said, it was too late.
“It just happened so fast,” Mr. Wade said. “We thought it was just kids fighting. We got ready to holler, and then it was over.”
The attacker jumped on his bike and headed back toward the park, and blood became visible on Miguel’s shirt.
“The last thing he shouted was, ‘What are you going to do now?’ ” Mr. Wade said of the attacker.
Mauricio Bermudez, 39, stepped out of his house just as the attacker fled. He rushed to Miguel, pulling out his cellphone to call the police.
“No police, no police,” Miguel said to him. “They were chasing us. They stabbed me. I have to go.”
Miguel walked half a block before he collapsed and was taken to the hospital.


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