Super Stop and Shop Puts Out APB For Carts

(Photo by Stefanee Rivera)

Alert: We’re taking a break from our regular Shopping Cart Series to bring you this important message: An APB has been issued for all missing shopping carts.

Sheepshead Bay resident, Stefanee Rivera,  sent us this photograph of a sign posted at the Avenue Y Super Stop and Shop store.

The sign is a simple request for shoppers to be on the alert for stray shopping carts belonging to the store.

Photographer, Lisanne Anderson, also posted her signature-style picture of a similar sign on Flickr, with a note implying that the store’s request for people to be on the lookout for stray carts might be possibly due to our Shopping Cart Series.

One store supervisor we spoke with told us that he doesn’t read our blog. So, this sign might have been generated by another member of management simply based on the number of missing shopping carts.

While, we are more than willing to offer up any information about missing, misled, lost, indentured, enslaved, kidnapped (and possibly drugged) shopping carts around our neighborhood — we’re sure not feeling responsible for making Super Stop and Shop feel responsible. It’s more than likely that there really is a problem with our streets being littered with carts that ought to be safe at home, instead.

(Photo by Stefanee Rivera)


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