Sunset Park Voice Joins BKLYNER

Dear friends and neighbors,

As we welcome 2017, we will be starting a new phase of local news by merging Sunset Park Voice and our other neighborhood news sites into one, large, Brooklyn-wide site — — under the stewardship of Donny Levit on the editorial and Dina Rabiner on the business side.

Over the last 5-8 years, we’ve published on average about 4 stories each weekday in each neighborhood, 48,787 neighborhood stories in all!

We’ve held police accountable in Bensonhurst, and kept the spotlight on slumlords in Flatbush. We’ve raised money for food pantries and given voice to our Muslim neighbors. We fought for and got public spaces and street lights. We’ve gone to tons of meetings where we were the only reporters present. We’ve even won awards. Perhaps most of all, we’ve been a cheerleader for so many local people and small businesses like us.

As you know, Brooklyn is undergoing massive development, without a coherent plan, and without the watchdogs that city media used to provide. At BKLYNER, we are committed to reporting on the stories about the environment, housing, and development, while keeping you informed on the neighborhoods we know you care about. It will still be reporting from the neighborhoods we know, but these stories will have broader reach and greater impact.

We think this model fits the changing nature of Brooklyn, and we hope you’ll come along, and continue to support us. Brooklyn is a patchwork of neighborhoods that are more and more interconnected as folks continue to move and explore the borough. BKLYNER will continue reporting on local news and maybe introduce you to a new area, event or even a restaurant or two.

As a local business, we depend on support from everyone, so please do keep sending tips, and pitches and concerns.

If you only want to receive your neighborhood news you can subscribe to the newsletters and the Facebook pages, and @bklyner on Twitter. If you are already subscribed to your neighborhood news, you don’t need to do anything.

If over the years the work we’ve done has mattered to you – become a member of BKLYNER. We welcome your support!

We look forward to serving you all at


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