Sunset Park Playground Is Open

Waiting for the sprinkler to be turned on. Sunset Park Playground

SUNSET PARK – Parks Department has delighted so, so many local families by opening the playground on July 31, after announcing back in April the project was going to be delayed till September. That would have resulted in two summers without the neighborhood’s largest playground for the community already underserved when it comes to open public spaces.

Councilmember Menchaca and Community Board 7 were not having it, and demanded completion of this project as repeatedly promised, by June 1st, 2017, as well as an audit of Park’s Department’s projects in the neighborhood.

Parks Department employee adding finishing touches to the fencing at Sunset Park’s playground

While the park is not officially open, and employees were still adding finishing touches to the railings, and tweaking sprinklers in preparation for the Grand Opening next Thursday, August 17 @11am, there were children everywhere.

Every swing was fully used by 9:00am, on a recent morning!

Toddlers were busy in the sand box:

Jungle gyms were busy, too!

The playground has received a complete renovation, thanks to the three million dollars provided by the city and local councilmen, and looks much the way we were promised when construction was announced in Spring of 2016.

Early rendering of the playground. Courtesy of the Parks Department.
Early rendering of the playground. Courtesy of the Parks Department.
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