Study: Sheepshead Bay’s Got Booze And Boys!

Good lookin' lady holding a Sheepshead fish = perfect for this post, right? (Source:

All the single ladies (All the single ladies)
All the single ladies (All the single ladies)
All the single ladies
Now come to Sheepshead Bay!

Sorry, that was a lame reference, but it just couldn’t be avoided for this monumental news we’re about to bring you…

According to a study done by New York City Economic Development Corporation, Sheepshead Bay is one of the leading neighborhoods to go cruising for single men. There are about 1.5 males for every single female in this area.

A side note to the study also says that roughly $855 million ayear gets spent in New York City’s 1,200 bars. When you break it down, it comes out to $140 annually per person 21 and over. So if you’re a single lady on the prowl, not only does Sheepshead Bay have plenty of men, but they’ll all be sporting beer goggles to level the playing field.

But then, who really needs that? We all know Sheepshead Bay has the most beautiful ladies in all of New York City, amiright?

So ladies, ladies, ladies, if you happen to be a reader from Park Slope or Flatbush, just come on down to the Bay and you’ll be sure to find a single man* (says statistics, not me).

*DISCLAIMER: The study only reflects the percentage of every male for female. It doesn’t reflect the personality, characteristics, or traits of these single guys. There could be a chance that the single guy you do meet isn’t the one or isn’t even a nice guy. But, hey, he’s single, so that counts… right?