Student Arrested After Bringing Loaded Gun Inside Midwood High School

2839 Bedford Ave. (Photo: Zainab Iqbal/BKLYNER)

FLATBUSH – A 15-year-old male student was arrested after police recovered a .22-caliber loaded gun inside Midwood High School this afternoon.

At approximately 1:40 pm, cops were called into the Flatbush high school. They then recovered a loaded firearm, the NYPD confirms. At 3 pm, a student was brought into custody.

The charges are pending and the school was not on lockdown.

The Department of Education had this to say: “This deeply troubling incident was immediately addressed by the NYPD, who swiftly and safely recovered the item. There is absolutely no place for weapons in our schools, and we are providing ongoing supports to the school community.”

We will update once we receive more information.

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  1. People need to stop assuming where the gun came from and focus on the danger of these incidents. Where it came from is irrelevant, the harm that could have been is more important!!!!!

  2. Yes, the lack of metal detectors is because they create a bad “tone”. But they are essential. The atmosphere of Erasmus when I came in 1992 was horrible, but when they started using metal detectors and “wanding” students the atmosphere/behavior of the students improved significantly although it still was a wild place.

  3. It’s a different world. It is most important to find out where the gun came from; it should be obvious to everyone what the danger is. And the hell with the “bad tone,” of course.


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