Strippers’ Billboard Stripped Away

Whoever said that nothing ever gets done at community civic meetings never saw this billboard.

At the last SB/PB Civic Association meeting, a local resident expressed concern about signs that were posted in front of the Fusion nightclub and New York Steakhouse restaurant’s shared building on Emmons Avenue (between Ocean Avenue & East 21 Street).

The sign in question advertised some past and upcoming happenings: Burlesque at the Bay; Chipendales'[sic] Style Male Review at the Bay; Bird Cage at the Bay Drag Shows with Celebrity Impersonators; Comedy Night; and the musician Valera.

The resident had no issue with the musical performance or the comedy show, but was concerned that the area wasn’t zoned for the other acts. The sign, though it’s been posted there for at least a few weeks, had gone unnoticed until it was brought to the attention of the SB/PB on May 5, 2009.

We’re not sure when the signs were stripped, but the only one still hanging when we passed by on our way to the B.I.G. History presentation on May 11, was for a musical performance.

Still unclear, is whether management has canceled future performances of strippers, burlesque, and drag shows or if they are keeping them under wraps by removing the signs.

When we tried to get information about the comedy show last month, the only person who could tell us about it was not available.

Whatever is going on, it’s good to know that when residents speak up, at least some things start happening.