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Storobin Announces Extended Office Hours


The following is a press release from the offices of State Senator David Storobin:

Senator David Storobin (R-Brooklyn) may be away in Israel this week. But his District Office is working harder than ever to serve constituents back home in Brooklyn. Beginning tomorrow, the Senator’s office will be open extended hours.

Each Wednesday, the Senator’s District Office, located at 22-01 Avenue U in Sheepshead Bay, will be open until 7:30 p.m. instead of the usual 5:00 p.m. This assures that constituents who are unavailable during standard business hours can visit or call the office for any of the services the Senator’s office provides.

Additionally, the office will hold special weekend hours on the first Sunday of each month, when it will be open from 12:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. This allows constituents to visit the Senator’s office after church or before the beginning of NFL football games.

“My office is here to serve you,” said Storobin. “Many of my constituents work long hours are busy with their families and their lives. They don’t always have the time to call or drop by during regular office hours. But that doesn’t mean they don’t deserve the same quality service from their elected leaders.”

The Senator’s experienced constituent services team handles issues of a wide variety for constituents, ranging from concerns dealing with health, housing, taxes, the MTA, public safety, and much more. For assistance during the extended hours, or anytime, constituents may call (718) 743-8610.

“You don’t have to fight the bureaucracy of state government on your own. That’s why we’re here,” Storobin said. “My staff and I will help you cut red tape and get the answers and services your tax dollars pay for.”

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  1. Let’s try to avoid seizing every opportunity to disparage Storobin. In this district he is a lame duck. So let’s give him some credit for doing something constructive. Call him out when he does something that deserve criticism.

  2. he’s advertising that he’s going to Israel – only to please the “super-jewish district” he’ll be running in soon.  I bet last year he didn’t even know where Israel was.

  3. I’m not a big fan of Storobin, but there is absolutely no basis for this comment.

    He has been a supporter of Israel long before he ran for any public office. He is an alumnus of RAJE (Russian American Jewish Experience) which means that he has made at least one trip to Israel before. Something tells me that wasn’t the last one.

    Not to say that this means anything at all, or that it should be advertised, but to say “last year he didn’t even know where Israel was” is outright bullshit that I will call out even if I do not support him myself.

  4. I’ll call him out now then. I went on his Facebook page and typed up a remark against his flyer that explained the unwanted newspapers and menus and how that will ultimately hurt business, something you should try to keep going in tough times not make it tougher for them to get business and turn a profit. Say a new restaurant opens and they want to advertise their menus by putting it on people’s doorsteps. Stoborin and his new flyer say you’re not allowed to put these advertisements down on your doorstep. If a new restaurant or even existing one tries to promote themselves, Stoborin’s flyer hurts their business because they may be less inclined to put that menu down on the doorstep. He’s an idiot who now is in Israel doing nothing more than a photo-op and hanging around doing, yes, nothing… Wasting our tax dollars by taking a flight over there… He’s corrupt as they come. Don’t we all recall his election tactics? but besides that, after I posted this remark on his Facebook (about the menu’s) no more than a minute later it was taken down… WTF? some politician we have here… No wonder I didn’t vote for him

  5. Can ANYONE tell me why supporting Israel is so important to the U.S? Why are people more concerned with a foreign country, like Israel, vs.
    what’s happening right here in Brooklyn? Anyone? Is the global economy hinging
    on the Shekel? Are they our biggest trading partner? We need their military to maintain our presence in Afghanistan? Anyone? Do they supply us
    with the bulk of our oil? Anyone? Bueller? Bueller? Bueller?


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