State Senator Savino Tells Cyclists “Find A F*cking Bike Lane And Get In It”


State Senator Diane Savino fumed on Facebook about cyclists, telling her followers that she drives through her district shouting at the two-wheeled menaces to “find a fucking bike lane and get in it.”

The comment from the pol, who represents Brighton Beach, Gravesend, Coney Island and Bath Beach in addition to Staten Island’s north shore, was in response to a labor lobbyist’s post blasting cycling “apologists” following the Central Park collision that left a pedestrian dead. Another follower suggested requiring bike registration and licensing, to which the pol also said she was “intrigued.”


The Daily News reports:

Savino said her comments were meant as a joke but she continued to express frustration with bicyclists who don’t obey traffic laws.

“Unfortunately, those who don’t follow the rules of the road create problems as we saw with that terrible tragedy in Central Park,” Savino said.

“Minimally, there’s got to be greater enforcement,” she continued. “And bikers have to take responsibility for what’s happening. They’re moving sometimes at 40 miles an hour. We just went through the whole process of reducing the city speed limit to 25 miles an hour, unless it is otherwise posted. That should apply to bikes as well. We are all in this together.”

The pol also said she had no plans to introduce new bike safety legislation when she returns to Albany.

DNAinfo went to the author of the blog post that sparked the Facebook discussion:

Eben Weiss, who writes the blog, Bike Snob NYC, drew attention to Savino’s comments on Twitter and on his site on Thursday.

“A state senator bragging on Facebook about engaging in acts of road rage is inappropriate, alarming and representative of a disregard for public safety,” Weiss told DNAinfo New York.

“It’s an insult to her constituents. It’s also totally ironic because the conversational thread that inspired her comment is based on a total misreading of comments I made in which I excoriated reckless bicycling.”

Savino’s district

It appears cyclists in her district are taking notice. Streetsblog notes that Brooklyn Spoke author Doug Gordon, a constituent of Savino’s, sent an open invitation for the elected official to ride with him and his two children and see what life is like from the saddle.

I ride my children to school almost every day and then head to work. We bike to swim lessons, gymnastics, birthday parties, parks, and to the grocery store. With or without my children, I have been harassed many times by drivers who think New York City’s streets belong solely to them. It doesn’t matter what I’m doing – riding in a bike lane or legally exiting a bike lane to make a turn or avoid an obstruction such as a parked car – there is truly nothing I can do to stop an angry driver who simply doesn’t like bicycles from getting upset with me.

I ask you to kindly join me and my children, along with any other families who would like to come, on a short bike ride. It might be helpful for you to experience what it feels like to bike on New York City streets.

Savino, who lives in Staten Island, is already well-known for her outspoken Facebook posts. In February, for Valentine’s Day, she reminder her colleagues to stop taking photos of their genitals because “no one wants to see your penis pop up in a text message.” She also railed against supporters of indicted Congressman Michael Grimm, who claimed he’s the victim of a conspiracy.

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  1. This woman’s attitude is petty and a real turn off…. and also (sorry to say) not surprising for a Staten Island representative. Get it together guys!!

    That said, a 40mph speed limit for bikes sounds reasonable to me…. and I bike all around this city.

  2. I was trying to find it for this post and couldn’t recall where I saw it, but there was some biker reaction to that 40mph speed. Quite frankly, if a cyclist is consistently hitting 40mph on city streets he/she is a wizard of some sort and should sign up for every race possible. 25mph is the top limit for most.

  3. Some sensible, experienced, practical people have to sit down and re-write a lot of laws, clarify some obvious details and inform every citizen. Start with the obvious: bicycles are NOT motor vehicles. No one has to “re-invent the wheel”. Look anywhere in the world, or just in the US to see what works, what is right and do it.

  4. Glad to see Savino tells it like it is especially about the liar Michael Grimm who is the most unethical and shady politician I can recall in this district in decades.

  5. Oh I see…. I don’t have a speedometer on my bike, nor do I drive (lol) so I can be clueless when it comes to gauging speed. I think like most other commuting bikers, I am conscious about not biking at top speed, but rather a safe speed where stopping for street lights or pedestrians doesn’t toss me off the bike… for everyone’s safety.

    Places like Central Park you do see riders going at fast speeds though, and some bike hobbyists (just based on their gear when I see them) seem go about that fast even within the regular city. while 40mph sounds extreme for a bike… I’m OK with that being the speed limit since I am never near that speed!

    Based on my commute, I guess I travel about..7mph.. haha

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