State Senator Carl Kruger: I'm Not Resigning! – Oh, And Kagan's Too Busy To Run

Carl Kruger
Source: NYS Senate

Well, so much for our little speculative piece earlier this week about what candidates might step up if Carl Kruger resigns. The state senator, embroiled in a corruption case that alleges he took about $1 million in bribes, had a proxy write to the Daily News to tell them to quit spreading rumors.

Kruger employee Adrienne Knoll wrote to the Daily News, saying:

“My boss has been catching up on your blogs and has the following statement in response: ‘I’m not resigning or retiring. I’m positioning myself to run for re-election, and I’m concentrating on reapportionment so we know what the lines will look like in 2012.’

Well, I guess that settles that. He’s certainly not resigning before the deadline that would trigger a special election, putting the general election candidates back in the hands of primary voters. So from here on out, it’s about who wants to challenge the incumbent Kruger. And with his previous $2.1 million campaign war chest – a massive amount for a local politician – being chewed away by legal fees, the playing field is looking a little more level.

And, slightly off-topic, what about Ari Kagan, who we mentioned in our previous article as a possible contender, based on sources that said he’s interested in office? Well, we finally got in touch with him, and he said that he might be a little too busy for the State Senate.

Here’s his e-mail:

Now, talking about Senatorial race. First of all, Senator Carl Kruger pleaded not guilty and, as I understand (today’s Daily News blog), is planning to run for re-election. Second, I was involved with several South Brooklyn Democratic Clubs for many years. Respected Democratic District Leaders Dilia Shack and Mark Davidovich, Michael Geller and Pearl Siegelman, Charles Ragusa and Jeanette Givant, Jacob Gold, as well as Councilman Lew Fidler, are my good friends. The list of my friends among Brooklyn Democratic elected officials is much longer, but I just want to emphasize that my great Assemblyman Alec Brook-Krasny is a very close personal friend.
For the last two years I had a privilege to work for the United States Congressman Michael McMahon (13th District). Since February 28, 2011, I have started to work for New York City Comptroller John C. Liu – as a Community Coordinator. I feel very comfortable at my present position and honored to work for the citywide elected official who is immigrant himself and who achieved everything in his life by hard work. By the way, on May 31, at 7:30 p.m.,City Comptroller will address members of Community Board 15 at Kingsborough Community College.
Regarding my political ambitions for a future, I always use a simple motto: never say never. But for now, my plate is full. Besides working for City Comptroller, as you know, I am also a journalist for newspaper, radio and TV, as well as doing my volunteer work for many important Brooklyn non-for-profits.
Thank you again for considering me among potential contenders.

Maybe things will have quieted down by the time 2013 rolls around and his City Council district has a seat to fill…