Eye-Popping Primary Color Apartments Headed for Bushwick’s Stanhope Street


BUSHWICK – A new, brightly accented apartment design for Bushwick’s Stanhope Street has been revealed, popping up on the designer’s Instagram and promising an interesting modern addition to the neighborhood.

While the designer refers to the new development as a “fun hip home,” it’s hard to imagine how the new building will fit in with the current neighborhood aesthetic. The homes that currently line the short block between Myrtle and Wilson are all two-story clapboard affairs, common throughout North Brooklyn.

The new building, however, is a four-story black brick rental with corrugated steel above the entry and, most notably, bright primary color accents on the small balconies off each unit. The balconies themselves look have balconies of chain link.

Here’s how Stanhope Street currently looks—clapboard houses (Screenshot via Google Maps)

The images were posted by J. Goldman Design studio. The project is listed in city filings as belonging to Moshe Friedman, who is possibly the same developer behind a series of similar modern apartments in Bushwick, like the ones coming to 61 Troutman Street and 114 Jefferson Street.

Demolition paperwork was filed for the old structure in July of 2017, about a month after the property was purchased for $1.2 million. Currently, there’s no timeline as to when construction is expected to be completed.

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