South Slope Flashback: New Businesses in 2012

South Slope Flashback: New Businesses in 2012

It’s been a big year for business in South Slope, with a huge surge along Fifth Avenue, in particular. Let’s take a gander back at who moved to the neighborhood in 2012.

Padrino Pizza (450 5th Ave)

Park Slope Pediatrics (501 5th Ave)

Skylark (477 5th Ave)

The Owl Farm (297 9th Street)

La Dolce Patisserie (461 5th Ave)

The Monro (481 5th Ave)

Lullaby Baby (488 5th Ave)

La Casa Artesanal (512 5th Ave)

Vice Versa Vintage Thrift (550 5th Ave)

Prospect (545 5th Ave)

Greenwood Park (555 7th Ave)

Crespella Caffe (1658 8th Ave)

The Ploughman (438 7th Ave)

Sebastiano’s (449 Seventh Avenue)

Housing Works Buy the Bag (159 28th Street)

Sweet Treasures Bakery (588 5th Ave)

Slope Cafe (453 4th Avenue)

Talde (369 7th Ave)

Did we miss anyone? Let us know in the comments.


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