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Sooo Delicious Food Court Opens On Bath Avenue, Replacing Casa Calamari



A new eatery called Sooo Delicious Food Court is now serving customers at 1801 Bath Avenue.

Set up as one-stop shop similar to a Manhattan deli, with various counters for pizza, sandwiches, coffee and baked goods, in addition to a selection of standard bodega fare, the store opened doors this week. The owner, Nick Abulawi, was previously the manager of Bay Ridge’s Gino’s Restaurant, on 5th Avenue.

The location was previously occupied by Casa Calamari, which closed in 2012.


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  1. Not finished with you– besides that the place is beautiful clean and improves the neighborhood what do you want a another Chinese takeout This place has a variety of food to choose from.

  2. I guess Citizen is affiliated with this place…Sorry for my for my post i should have clarified. Place looks real nice from the outside not much else though. Very limited selection i walked to the back because i saw a nice pizza oven…. pizza looks like it was sitting there for hours gave it a shot anyway thinking how bad could pizza be….well i could def tell after my first bite the pizza was old and had no flavor….anyway i guess a moron like me should just keep my comments to myself.

  3. I agree. They need more of a selection. It’s kind of awkwardly laid out as well. It’s a nice idea, but they need more. Also, that spot isn’t so great. It’s always dead over there. All you have is those plumbing places on 18th avenue over there.

  4. I understand that the place just opened, but they should of opened with a bang. Yes, it’s pretty dead around that area, people tend to stick around 86th street, but at least it’s not another Chinese food place. Not much variety, food did not stand out. There’s definitely progress to be made. I’d say give it some time, hopefully it will get better.


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