Somebody Fix The Elevator Already!

Source: slack12/Flickr

New York 1 has been following a story about a group of elderly residents that have been left stranded in their Brighton Beach building courtesy of a broken elevator that has been out of commission since Superstorm Sandy struck late last October.

The residents, many disabled, have had difficulty scaling the steps of their six-story building.

“I live on the sixth floor and every day I cannot go out,” Alexander Fayn told NY1.

When NY1 originally reported on the story earlier in the month, the Department of Buildings promised that it would get fixed, but three weeks later it remains broken, driving the tenants mad.

“I’m frustrated, I’m upset, I’m furious,” said Michael Royzman to NY1.

NY1’s further inquiry with the Department of Buildings resulted in a promise by the DOB to investigate the matter.

Great…an investigation, why not just fix the elevator!?


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