Weight Problems Slim Down Prison Sentence For Kruger Bag Man

Source: madamepsychosis/Flickr

While Carl Kruger has requested to be locked up in Otisville, a prison serving kosher meals and known as a haven for white collar criminals, the bag man responsible for funneling nearly $200,000 to the pol is getting his sentence slashed on account of his obesity.

Solomon Kalish was sentenced to two years in prison yesterday, half the standard for his deeds. The judge said his weight-related health problems was the deciding factor.

“I’m very mindful of Mr. Kalish’s health problems, and that in and of itself warrants a non-guidelines sentence,” said Judge Jed Rakoff, according to the New York Post.

Kalish, 62, weighs 270 pounds and suffers from diabetes and coronary-artery disease. He had open-heart surgery last year.

Kalish’s role in the bribery scheme that led to the conviction of Kruger, hospital execs, and a prominent lobbyist among others was that of the bag man. He brought $197,000 from the hospital execs to Kruger in exchange for favorable deals with Albany and a job for Kalish’s son in Kruger’s office.