Smoking Kills Cockroaches?

no smoking near school

This sign was seen posted at the entry door of the Seaver Learning Center on East 19 Street near Avenue U, so the grammar and scientific accuracy of the sign will, naturally, be put under a bit of scrutiny.

There must have been an issue with smokers standing in the doorway and puffing in the presence of the cockroaches nearby. It’s often touted that cockroaches will be the only life left after a nuclear attack, but this sign seems to suggest that cigarette smoke is worse than radiation.

What would the people behind the Asthma Free School Zone, who take children’s health very seriously, have to say about this quirky little sign? Probably not much, so long as the kids benefit in the end.

For you entomological geniuses out there — can cockroaches get cancer? Our searches yielded mainly information about the link between asthma in children and cockroach allergens, but not much about a problem with cancerous roaches.

So, if you have any information, please write in.


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