Six Accidents In Eight Days? Time For A Ticket Blitz

Courtesy of David B.

In Manhattan Beach, six accidents in eight days – including one that may have involved a fatality – has fueled requests for a concentrated ticket blitz.

Two accidents occurred this week on Shore Boulevard, including a fender bender yesterday pictured above. The day before, another accident happened on Shore Boulevard. No one was hurt in either incident.

Last week there were two accidents in one day, and one on Thursday, on the same Oriental Boulevard intersection. One included a motorcyclist who was thrown from his bike. We’re told the cyclist was killed, but have been unable to verify the information.

All of these accidents involved students of Kingsborough Community College, according to the Manhattan Beach Community Group.

Friday’s accident knocked down a telephone pole near West End Avenue and Oriental Boulevard.

MBCG is now asking on its website, “When will it stop?” The group is demanding a ticket blitz next Monday through Thursday between the hours of 3 p.m. and 5 p.m. going west on Oriental Boulevard and Shore Boulevard.