Signal Relay Building To Be Complete In Just Over A Year

Signal Relay Building To Be Complete In Just Over A Year
MTA Signal Building

Have you wondered about the building slowly going up where the F train comes above ground at Ave C and McDonald?

“The building is a signals relay room,” MTA spokesperson Kevin Ortiz told us, “and is part of the signals system modernization project of the Church Avenue interlocking, Culver Line.”

According to Railworks:

In this $119.3 million, 50-month project, RailWorks will install a modern, relay-based signal system and to construct track and enclosures for the new interlocking on the Culver Line between Ditmas Avenue and 4th Avenue stations.

The MTA budget for modernizing the signal interlocking at Church Ave is $202 million, according to the project description’s budget and scope. The project description also says:

Work will include replacement with a new conventional relay-based interlocking and the construction of new relay rooms to house all associated equipment.

“The building will house some control apparatus and appurtenances for the signal interlocking, a maintainer’s control panel, and a communication based train control (CBTC) room,” Ortiz said.

Signals Relay Room

These improvements are in conjunction and coordinated with the other improvements on the Culver Viaduct.

How close are we to the completion of this project? Ortiz told us: “The exterior of the building is approximately 95% complete. The substantial completion date of the Church Avenue Modernization Project is August 30, 2014.”