[UPDATED] Signal Problems At DeKalb Affecting B, D, N, Q, R Trains


[UPDATED: May 9, 10:10am—The MTA has posted a follow-up tweet stating that service for B, D, N, R trains has resumed but with “extensive delays in both directions.” Manhattan-bound Q trains are terminating at Prospect Park or Atlantic Avenue/Barclays.]

The MTA posted the above Service Change Alert to Twitter just before 9am this morning.

Due to a loss of power that is affecting signals at the DeKalb Avenue station, the B, D, N, Q, R trains are having problems.

B service is currently suspended.

D Downtown trains are running on the C track from 59th Street to West 4th Street in Manhattan and then via the F track into Brooklyn down to Coney Island.

N, Q, R service is running with serious delays in each direction.

The MTA is currently investigating the problem.

Check out @NYCTSubway for more info. Plan accordingly, commuters!


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