Sidewalk Falls Prompt Repairs at Super Stop & Shop

stop and shop sidewalk repair sign nov 2009

The sidewalk is being repaired on Avenue Y near the corner of East 18th Street in front of Super Stop and Shop.

A worker with LaPietra Construction said that the store had received violations from the city for cracked sidewalks. The sidewalks didn’t raise any alarms before this, so I asked him what he thought about the concrete before it was ripped up. He said it didn’t look that bad and he wasn’t aware of any complaints, lawsuits, or accident reports, but that his company will fix whatever cracks were there.

Could it be that deep-pocketed Super Stop and Shop was being unfairly targeted by the city so they could collect some cash from fines?

A crossing guard at the P.S. 254, put that question to rest. She told me that there were quite a few schoolteachers and children falling at the trouble spot. The threat of lawsuits and accident claims may have prompted the supermarket chain to fix the situation.

Have any of you ever gotten tripped up by the damaged sidewalks on your way to do your grocery shopping?

And don’t forget: if you have damaged sidewalks without the deep-pockets of a corporation, the city offers free sidewalk repair.

stop and shop sidewalk repair nov 2009