Should We Bother Bringing Back Express Train Service?

Photo by Gary Wong via Flickr.

A reader wrote in with the following opinion (which we really hate):

An unintended consequence of station rehab is that the B (Brighton) express has to run local in Brooklyn. Unexpectedly, this has made the ride for thousands of local stop patrons much better, faster and more comfortable. The express stations along the Brighton line include Sheepshead Bay, Kings Hwy, Newkirk Ave and Church Ave. However, since the 20th century when these stations were designated as Express stops, the demographics have changed and more people feed onto Avenue U, M and J than the so called express stops. As matters stand, we all get to enjoy twice as many trains serving more people, instead of having half empty B express trains pass crowded platforms. And going home, it’s worst. Imagine catching a B all the way to Kings Highway and then seeing the local Q pull away and depart leaving you on a cold/hot platform. Message to Transit Authority, localize the B train forever.

As a rider who boards and disembarks at an express stop, I couldn’t disagree with this more. Like, actually, I didn’t even want to run this lest people begin considering it as an actual option. Damnit, I miss my express service.

What do you think?


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