Shopping Cart Series: Waterfront Window From Lundy’s

shopping cart momoyama lundys

When the writer over at Sheepshead Bites first photographed me this past June, I was hopeful that I could be rescued real soon. But here it is, October, already and I’m just making my debut on the site! Oh, well. I guess shopping carts behind bars and windows can’t expect to be showcased on their own timeline.

Life in the back area at the Momoyama restaurant at 1901 Emmons Avenue is kinda dreary. I mean, it’s supposed to be so great working at a landmarked building. Thing is, I got stuck in the storage area and this Lundy’s building can be kind of dreary in the unrenovated side. And, yeah, there’s a waterfront out there, but  even taking a smoking break over by the window gets me a view of nothing but garbage. But, I guess that ain’t too far from the real thing.

I guess in this economy, I gotta be glad I still have a job.


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