Shopping Cart Series: Shopping Cart Within A Shopping Cart

Carts put out with the garbage. (Photo by Ray Johnson)

By the time you see me, it will most likely be too late. I’ll be  gone, gone, gone. Oh, but it’s not just me this time, it’s me and a  small-sized pedestrian cart that got stuffed into me. Sure, that little thing is not as sturdy as I am, being more susceptible to breakdowns  — but he is still recyclable!

I feel like a piece of garbage. The funny thing is, there’s nothing wrong with me. I have all my wheels about me. But, even if I’m missing a couple of screws, I’m sure it’s easily fixed. What’s wrong with these shoppers? They drag me all the way from my job at Pathmark Supermarket (3785 Nostrand Avenue) and leave here on the street. Who knows how many hands pushed me around since then, and why those hands left me here in front of P.S. 254 (1801 Avenue Y) for garbage pickup?

Why didn’t the Sheepshead Bay Pathmark supermarket pick up when a Good Samaritan tried to call? Let’s hope the New Jersey headquarters can get through to the store manager in time. If not, I might try and convince the driver of this yellow school bus to take me to Boro Park. Life can only be better over there at that school. Just so happens the only Hebrew word I can think of is, “chaim”. It just might be the one word I can utter to save my life!