Shopping Cart Series: On Vacation Relaxing By The Pool

Marco Island Shopping cart submitted by Bill Woodroffe, October 2009
Shopping cart relaxing by the pool. (Photo courtesy of BW)

People think that because I live in Marco Island, Florida — where the subtropical climate brings the tourists in all the time — that we’re all living the “life of Riley” over here.

Yeah, sure I don’t get buried in freezing snow or end up dead under a subway overpass, but I get no attention, either. Well, that is, until this kindly visitor was relaxing out by the pool and asked me if he could take my picture. My first response was, “Yah, sure thang, Mister Tourist, y’all go right ahead.” But, then a second later, I was like, “Well, why do you want to take my picture. I’m just a shopping cart out of place.”

When he told me that he was from Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn, I was expecting some Brooklyn attitude in an accent I couldn’t understand. Instead, all I got was a nice simple explanation, “I just want to send your picture to Sheepshead Bites, a blog in my community. They have a series where they highlight a shopping cart, whether at work or at play. It’s kinda fun and I think the readers might like you. Even if they don’t use you on the site, I’d love to have a picture of you, because your color is  as beautiful as the crystal blue water of the pool.”

Well, that’s all I needed to hear. Hot setting sun, heat, and humidity be darned! I just wheeled myself over by the pool and batted my blue eyes.