Shopping Cart Series: Overworked

Well, hello there! It’s such a nice night out, and I’m just cartin’ about, enjoyi–

Who the heck am I kidding? My name is Red Jerke. I’m a very… freakin’… tired shopping cart. You see, I haul about 30 bags a week. Thirty bags! And that’s not just moving them around. It’s marketing them; it’s trying to sell things to go next to them; it’s spotting the bits to fill future bags with…

And that’s not to mention my other duties. I’ve got to be all friendly to people who like to push me around; I’ve got to listen to old people tell me about the kinds of bags they think I should carry; I’ve got to find other carts and tell them to fill some bags for me. Jeez! It’s exhausting work!

But on top of it all, my cohort Nay Bohnson, she goes and takes a vacation and skips town on the one bag a week she promises to carry. One bag! And she needs a vacation. Oy vey!

Thanks to Boris G. for the photo, taken underneath the overpass at Ocean Avenue and Shore Parkway.